KC: Evil is dumb… but also has a good point

IN MANY ways, Rayford decided, what had become known as the Cendrillon Jospin tragedy became a catalyst for good.

In many ways, Rayford is a sociopath.

I say this because Cendrillon Jospin is not dead. She is conscious and she is being tormented by fire and worms in the hell that God sent her to. And Rayford thinks this has created some ‘good’ because people suddenly realize that they need to get serious with God.

So to learn that Cendrillon was only the first of many to die at age one hundred—and such deaths began the day after her funeral—spread alarm through Eden. If in the very capital of the world, where Jesus Himself ruled from the throne through David and where the greatest outreach to children was headquartered, there could be hundreds—yea, thousands—dying lost, what did that say about the rest of the world?

That Christians are still pretty shitty about caring for and loving others even in paradise? That Jesus is content to sit on his throne in Jerusalem instead of travelling the world, teaching, preaching, seeking and saving those who are lost? That God decided He’d rather hang with the 99 sheep than go and find the lost one?

All of this speaks very poorly about God and paradise.

If they don’t know, why isn’t He out there? If He’s not leading, where is He?

But Rayford realizes that he needs to go and be a missionary to the world now. You know… AFTER people are dying and going to hell.

“And Irene—how does she feel about all this?”

Um… didn’t Rayford have another wife? What happened to her? Did she use death as an excuse to get the hell away from him?

Rayford decides to walk the Earth and tell others about Jesus.

Meanwhile, the young God Squad decides to form a Millennium Force.

Attorneys from Lucasarts are on line two, Pastor LaHaye.

“Ignace and Lothair Jospin are deep into the Other Light,” he reported, “but the underground nightclubs in Paris and elsewhere are merely a front. They are frequently raided and revelers arrested and imprisoned. Those who commit actual crimes have been known to be put to death by lightning, God dealing with them immediately as He did to Ananias and Sapphira of old.”

Okay, so God has the time to murder people by lightning, but not the time to seek and save that which is lost…

God is an asshole.

The Other Light is, in essence, a secret society within our own. It is spreading worldwide, largely through computer technology and encrypted messages. The bushy-haired one, Ignace, and the redhead, Lothair, are slowly bringing me into their confidences.

Okay, so we finally learn about The Other Light. It’s a secret organization whose plan is to… die for ten generations and then storm Jesus’ castle at the end of the Millennium. Because they know they can’t attack during the Millennium… but if they attack at the end of the Millennium, then they can do it…

Yeah, it makes no fucking sense.  Why not attack now? Why wait for God’s timetable? Why do the devil and the antichrist and all of these non-Christians who know the prophesies go along with the prophesies?

I mean, let’s think about this.

If I were living in this world and I thought that maybe Jesus Christ was an uncaring tyrant who had his opposition tortured for all eternity, and I decided to fight back, the first thing I would want to know if it was even possible to kill a dead Christian. One of those in glorified bodies. Maybe arrange an accident. Piece of stone breaks off a building falls on them.  Shoot them. Do the bullets pass through or bounce off?

If you can’t kill His dead army, there’s no way you’re going to be able to kill Him.

All of this is to say, that no one in this book behaves like an actual human being.

Who comes up with a plan to die and go to hell so that someone hundreds of years later might be able to overthrow the government?

Apparently, these idiots.

these people already know who Jesus is.

The one killing them and sending them to eternal torment.

They don’t doubt His deity. They don’t like it. They oppose it. That their comrades are dying at one hundred only convinces them of the rightness of their cause.

Well… yeah, they kind of have a point. Why do you like the idea of your fellow man being tortured forever, Raymie? Maybe you should have a talk with Jesus. Raise an objection to live conscious torture.

I mean, seriously, if this were any other regime, I would really like to think that Christians would object to the dictator imprisoning and torturing people. I mean, fuck, maybe they wouldn’t. Maybe they’d be happy if Trump arrested and waterboarded Hillary every day until she died.

I’d like to think they’d object.

But the Young God Squad decides to try and stop The Other Light because if they didn’t, I guess we could skip to the final chapter of this book and we haven’t suffered enough yet. Kenny wants some backup and there’s some useless bantering about whether or not the person suggested to be Kenny’s partner is a Real, True Christian.  Because you know how all those non-Christians are evil, right?

Meanwhile, Rayford meets with Bruce Barnes and some other guy and they catch up. Irene says she’s all caught up now, so she turns them over to Rayford and seriously… what the hell happened to Amanda?

Is she locked in the attic? Amanda, tap three times with your heel if you need help.

Bruce, who had been the first martyr from the Tribulation Force, told of his experiences in heaven, many of which naturally coincided with Irene’s and Raymie’s, though from his unique perspective. And since he and Rayford had briefly greeted each other after the sheep-and-goats judgment in the Valley of Jehoshaphat nearly a hundred years before? “I was immediately assigned to Africa, serving on a development team. It’s as rewarding a task as I’ve ever enjoyed. I worked myself to a state of refreshed exhaustion every day, if you know what I mean.

So we still get tired in our glorified bodies? Really? We don’t get perfect Jesus bodies? We just have eternal youth, but otherwise it’s just a normal human body?

But this “happy” reunion is interrupted by the arrival of a Jewish priest.


Diatribe 1


God, I’m tired.

I’m also angry, but most of you know that.

And I’m profoundly sad.

See, I was raised as an evangelical. I was taught to love God and love Jesus and love the bible, and I did love God, love Jesus, and love the bible. I wanted to devote my entire life to God, Jesus, and the bible. I wanted to teach others about them. I believed the bible.

And even when I started to drift away from evangelicalism, I still loved God, Jesus, and the bible. I just read the latter a little bit differently.

If you look at the red letter stuff, there is some really good things in there: Don’t hoard possessions. Don’t resist evil with evil. Love your enemies. Do what is right. Seek God’s Kingdom and his justice and your needs will be provided. Never be afraid to give up your life for what is right. The last will be first. The poor will inherit the Kingdom while it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. My kingdom is not of this world. Men seek power to dominate one another, but with you it will not be so.

But it is so. Just a few hundred years after its inception, Christianity had popes and emperors lording power over the laity. Matters of justice were forgotten.

And while we’ve had a reformation and schisms and religious wars, I’ve always held out hope that maybe those words in red letters would win out and produce a church that was humble, serving, dedicated to justice for the oppressed and forgotten.

But instead we have men like Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Jr., and Pat Robertson there. Men who protect the powerful who are oppressing the people. Men who have traded morals and ethics for power. And 81% of the Evangelical church agrees with them.

They wallow in Trump’s cruelty. They laugh at his degradation of women and minorities. They excuse his moral violations. They overlook the injustices. They chant “Lock ‘em up!” And most of them dismiss taking children from their parents and putting them in cages. And they somehow claim that this is the will of God as if no one else has ever read the bible and can recognize that all of this shit is 180 degrees from the red letters.

Now here is Pat Robertson telling us that money is more important than doing what’s right.

So I have a question for you, Evangelical Christians:

How the fuck do you expect us to believe your religion, when you don’t even believe it yourself?

I know, the usual spiel is to look at Christ, not the Christians, but you have to know that’s bullshit, right? If 81% of your members look at the profane, misogynistic, xenophobic, immoral Trump and say, “That’s my guy! Build the wall! Lock them up!” That tells me a lot about your Christ. Or at least your view of Christ.

And if 81% of you can get your religion so wrong, what the hell good is it?

You know, if you were atheists, it would be one thing. You’d still be bad people, but at least you wouldn’t be blatant hypocrites.

But story after story in the Christian media fawns over this man, this opposite of Christ (you might say anti-Christ) and you expect me to take your religion seriously when you’re doing and supporting the exact opposite?

No, sorry. Doesn’t work that way.

So I am left with the conclusion that you really don’t believe in your religion. You can’t possibly believe in a God who continually tells you to treat the aliens and strangers with kindness and support a man who takes kids from their parents and puts them in cages or puts a two year-old child through immigration court.

You can’t possibly believe in a God who says “if you’ve done it to the least of these, you’ve done it to me” and then continually send a pack of rabid jackals to make the lives of the poor worse.

You can’t possibly believe that a God who will judge the living and the dead, a God who was wrongfully put to death by the State according to the bible, will listen to you say, “Yeah, but what about the money we were making selling arms?” and not condemn your inaction in the face of another man wrongfully murdered by the State,.

So if you can’t even believe your own shit, why should the rest of us?

To the 19% of you out there that maybe actually do believe your religion, good on you. Well done. Maybe you can convince the rest of your tribe to stop being unbelievers.

KC: The Abuser

I’ll put a mild trigger warning for people who have been in abusive relationships.

We open with Rayford and the God squad visiting Cendrillon’s parents. They are grieving for their daughter. Not only for her death, but also for the knowledge that she is being tortured for all of eternity by Jesus Christ their Lord and God.

But she made Him do it.

That’s the overarching theme of the funeral. She made Him hurt her forever. She forced God to hit her with her thoughts and opinions and somehow doubts.

So everyone gathers together for the funeral and her dad opens it up.

“We praise Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith,” he began, laboring.

“And the torturer of our daughter forever. Blessed be his bloodied hands…”

“But this is neither the memorial of a life nor the celebration of a home going, for as you all know, there is only one place for the dead now, and it is not heaven.

God’s eternal torture pit.

Then Cameron stands up and gives his message.

“Hey, everyone, I know this is a funeral, but Cendrillion is being tortured for all eternity by Jesus, so you know, if you’re not on Jesus’ good side, get there before He comes to kill and torture you too. Because if you don’t, it’s your own fault for being killed and tortured by Jesus.”

If you have hardened your heart against Him, it is not because you don’t believe. It is not because you don’t know. It is because you choose to go your own way rather than His, to indulge in a life centered on your own pleasures and wishes rather than dedicated to the One you know is creator of the universe.

Stop making God hit you! Just do what He says and He won’t have to beat you. Have you tried being more submissive?

Cameron also gives us the magic words that we can use to save ourselves from being beaten by God.

‘Thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for my sins. I confess I am a sinner and ask Your forgiveness. I receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior and surrender my life and future to Him.’

God may still want to beat you, but he’s contractually obligated to spare you if you say and believe the magic words.

Clap harder.

Dead Raymie is sitting next to Kenny, Cameron and Chloe’s son, and says, “Hey, you said the magic words and meant them, right? I don’t want to see God beat the shit out of you for all eternity.”

Kenny says, “Yeah, dude. We’re good. Magic words said. Praise be to the Savior. May the blood of his enemies always flow from His hands.”

From all over the building, people were streaming toward Cameron, many weeping. Hundreds knelt as he led them in prayer.


This is also, by the way, the image that everyone who hands out tracts or does street art or preaches on a soap box jerks off to.

One of the other dead guys notices that some of Cendrillon’s family isn’t praying and weeping to be saved from Jesus Christ, and says, “Man, I wish I could go undercover and find out what these damn kids are really up to, you know?”

Maybe you should ask the omniscient and omnipotent Jesus Christ who is physically on Earth? No? No? We’re going to go with sending Kenny? Okay then.

Kenny had been ten and living in the kingdom a few years when his mother led him to Christ and prayed with him while putting him to bed one night. “I don’t feel like a sinner,” he had told her. “I hardly remember doing anything wrong.”

“Sin isn’t necessarily just things we do,” she had said. “It’s what we are and who we are. We’re all born in sin and need forgiveness.”

You are worthless. You are trash. You are corrupt. You don’t deserve good things. You deserve to be beaten. Worthless. Filthy. Disgusting. You should thank God for every foul breath you draw. Because God will come for you, you know. And He will not be happy with you.

Kenny goes up to introduce himself to Cendrillon’s cousins.

As he reached the family, he noticed two young men about his age who looked a lot alike. He reached for one’s hand. “You a relative of Cendrillon’s?” he said.

The bushy-haired young man shook Kenny’s hand. “Depends,” he said. “She owe you money?”

Kenny couldn’t help but grimace. What a thing to say at time like this.

You know…  as opposed to saying God is torturing her forever and ever. Amen. Praise the Lord.

He introduces himself as Ignace and his brother Lothair. Lothair says, “Hey, that crackpot made her sounds like a loser.”

That was actually more Mohammed’s thing.

Kenny’s like, “Yeah, but you know, she’s in hell being tortured by God, so… he’s kind of right.”

“Did you even know her?”

“Yeah, sure. Not well, but she was from my area.”

“Then you know she wasn’t some big sinner. She hadn’t even been outside Israel since she was a little kid. We couldn’t even talk her into having a little fun.”

That’s a perfectly reasonable objection. Why does Cendrillon deserve to be tortured by God forever?

Because she existed?

If so, wouldn’t it have been more merciful for God to deny her existence rather than to give her 100 years and then beat the shit out of her for all eternity?


“Yeah, you know. Fun. Something other than singing songs to Jesus to make sure you live past a hundred.”

“I wouldn’t mind living past a hundred,” Kenny said.

“Then you’d better get saved, don’t you think? According to this guy, that’s the only way to make it. Unless you got a pass by coming straight here from heaven. You didn’t, did you?”

Yeah, and he’s right. This is the universe you live in. You don’t have a choice. You are either submissive to the blood god, or he beats the shit out of you forever. I mean, that sucks, but that’s the reality of your situation.

Lothair makes stronger wine out of the rivers and pools of wine that God made and Kenny is appalled, because when God said wine, he only meant grape juice. Ha ha ha… yeah, grape juice. Jesus made water turn into grape juice, kids.

And Kenny finally notices their suits with pinstripes that are repetitions of the letters TOL over and over again, because black T-shirts with “VILLAIN” printed on them would have been too subtle.

Kenny trades contact info with the heathens because he’s Kenny Undercover now.

KC: In which ‘everlasting’ equals ‘100 years’

We jump forward 93 years and Rayford is kicking back bitching about getting old to his dead friend Tsion.

“Oh, go on!” Tsion said. “A man is still a child at one hundred here, so you’re just a young teen.”

“I’m telling you, I’m not the man I once was. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like for me hundreds of years from now.”

That’s a valid question. Think of spending centuries trapped in a body that is no longer functioning and you can’t die.

Paradise, everyone.

“Well, we had our chances at glorified bodies, didn’t we?”

“Don’t remind me.”

This is the perfect distillation of this series of books: You had your chance. We were right. Fuck you.

Rayford says he feels led to become a missionary. In a world in which Jesus Christ and angels are visible, and the dead have come back to ageless life. When they get a call from Chloe who asks her dad to come over and see them because one of their ‘kids’ died at age 100.

“Who died?” Rayford said, thinking he was being rhetorical.

“Cendrillon Jospin,” Cameron said.

“The French girl? She was a leader, with you since the beginning.”

Chloe sat shaking her head. “You could knock me over with a fig, Dad. If I’m not mistaken, she had actually led others to faith.”

Actions don’t matter that much in Real True Christianity. You have to believe. Clap harder, you know. Otherwise, you might think you’re a Christian and do charitable things, but maybe you don’t believe hard enough and then you die and Jesus tortures you for eternity…

Because he loves you.

Also, it’s your fault. It’s always your fault.

“I’m not sure about that anymore, Chloe,” Cameron said. “She taught, yes, and she counseled. And it seemed she was an enthusiastic saint. But as I think back, I can’t say I ever knew of someone coming to Christ specifically through her leading. Can you?”

One of the things I’ve experienced slightly since my intellectual shift into agnosticism is the speculation about why I’ve done so and a deconstruction of my life as a believer.

Christians really don’t want to think that someone could really believe the stories of the bible and really believe that Jesus Christ is God and our Lord and Savior, and then reexamine that belief as new information is introduced to us.

So Cameron begins the process of deconstructing the life of this girl that we’ve never even met.

“The Jospins want me to speak at her funeral, Rayford,” Cameron said. “They know the truth, and yet still that’s what they want. Whatever would I say? She seemed a wonderful girl, and had her death been the result of an accident back in previous years, I’d have been able to rhapsodize about her. She was a dear friend, a valued coworker.”

That it’s monstrous that a dear friend and a wonderful girl is now being tortured by God for all eternity? That God is a dick? That the blood of Christ and the love of the Father should be enough to cover and bring home everyone?

That’s what I’d say.

But no, we get further deconstruction that Cendrillon wasn’t really a nice girl. She had opinions, after all. And a woman having opinions is verboten. She also apparently had doubts, which is completely illogical, because again, you have the ageless dead living with you, Jesus Christ and angels visible in Jerusalem, God is here. There is definitive proof that “Real, True Christianity” is right in this world that the authors have constructed.

Faced with a world like that, doubt is literally impossible.

They arrange to have a party go over to her parent’s house and interrogate them to see if they suspected their daughter was an evil heathen and whether or not it’s okay for Cameron to tell everyone that their daughter is now writhing in torment in hell fire because of Jesus.

We shift perspective to Rayford’s son, Raymie. He was 12 when God killed him via Rapture. But he was given an adult, ageless body and an adult intellect. And he apparently works with his sister Chloe and tries to convert the kids they were watching over.

Let’s pause for a moment on this part though:

While Raymie wondered what a normal life might have been like, with dating and love and marriage and parenthood, he found it convenient to not be distracted by such things while immersed in a life of service to Christ.

Christians talk a lot about the importance of the family and loving others, but ultimately they see these things as a distraction from the purity of their calling to serve the Lord.

So… yeah… your marriage, your service to your spouse, your service to your children, your service to your parents and siblings… just a distraction from Jesus.

Which is, of course, ass backwards.

Assuming for the moment that God exists, my service to my spouse is service to God. The acts of kindness towards my children are acts of kindness towards God.

I serve God by serving others.

My family is not a distraction, it is an opportunity. It is a calling. It is a holy calling.

Raymie meets one of his living friends Bahira and they have an awkward opening conversation:

“I have discovered the reason for the Lord’s silence,” she said.

“You’ve experienced it too?”

“Of course.”

“Usually it’s because we should know the answer to what we’re asking.”

“But that’s not it this time, Raymie. I was asking Him for nothing but comfort. He granted a measure, but His silence scared me. Then it came to me. He too is grieving. As He rejoices whenever a soul chooses Him, the time has come again when some will go the other way.”

“But He is all-knowing, Bahira. Cendrillon could not have been a surprise to Him.”

She shrugged. “But still it must grieve Him.

Then maybe he should stop sending people to hell.

Seriously, God is sending these people to hell and it makes him sad, but he can’t stop sending them there because WHY?


Nope, he’s GOD. He made the rules. He could change them. He could send them to a place where he could give them a stern talking to. He could meet with each of them on their 100th birthday and say, “Hey, Dude, I notice you haven’t pledged allegiance to my kid, what’s up with that?”

He could do literally anything he wants because he’s GOD.

If it makes Him sad, He could just stop doing it!

The topic shifts to the dead girl and Bahira says Cendrillon wanted to go partying with other heathen in France and Turkey. There are clubs full of people in their eighties and nineties who party and boast about not following Jesus.

Though Bahira mentions it, it’s not explained how seeing GOD AND ANGELS AND AGELESS DEAD PEOPLE doesn’t convince people that Christianity is real.

But these kids are unbelievers and they like Satan. Probably because Satan isn’t consigning them to an eternal torture pit.

“Dad says they seem for real. Yes, it may be for attention, and perhaps they know better and are planning to change their minds and their courses in time to avoid death at one hundred. I’m surprised the Lord doesn’t squash them like bugs.”

Or Jesus could show up and have a talk with them. Answer their questions.

“His mercy is everlasting,” Bahira said quietly.

Nope. Everlasting does not equal 100. Everlasting mercy would mean Jesus is standing at the gates of hell knocking until the last soul comes out wearily and collapses and cries into his shoulder saying, “Father, I am not worthy to be your son, consider me as one of your hired men” and Jesus shouts to heaven to throw a giant party because his son has come home.

We continue on and apparently cults of The Other Light or Satan worship have started to spread. Police have been reintroduced. Prisons exist once more. And Cendrillon was dabbling in joining a Satanic cult, so you know… obviously she deserves to suffer in torment and agony forever.

His mercy is everlasting.

KC: White Man’s Burden

Rayford is walking with Tsion admiring Jesus’ awesome landscaping and paving skills. They chat about the new regime and how Gentiles are now second-class citizens.

Yep. Jesus runs a racial apartheid state in fundamentalist utopia land. But it’s all okay, because this racial apartheid state is run by God, so you know, he won’t make Gentiles suffer.

Tsion must have noticed. “You rightly admire this handiwork,” he said, “because this road—if I may be so pedestrian as to call it that—is yet another reflection of the sinless beginning to the kingdom. I dare say it will be many years before we suffer the blights of war, abortion, murder, robbery, drugs, pornography—you name it.”

Sinless beginning includes racial apartheid.

Also, if God is running the government, why on Earth would he tolerate war? Seems pretty easy for him to stop. Just make the weapons go bye bye with God magic.

Abortion… why would there be abortion in a utopian society where there is food and resources for everyone? Only the wicked are supposed to die, so there would be no more death in child birth.

Murder… couldn’t God just make everyone heal like Wolverine? Again, you’ve already said that only the wicked die on their hundredth birthday.

Robbery… for fuck’s sake, again… this is supposed to be UTOPIA! Food, water, rivers of wine and milk, shit, you can just graze on the grass now and be full apparently, there is no need to rob. Do they really think that people just go out and rob for shits and giggles?

Drugs… to escape the hellish existence of paradise, right?

Pornography… if Jesus is against this, don’t you think he could end it since he runs the damn government and is supposed to be omniscient and omnipotent?

Your world does not make sense. Speaking of things that don’t make sense…

The next morning, as Cameron Williams lay on his back in his bedchamber, hands behind his head, he eagerly anticipated another day of service to his King.

Cameron, you will recall, is DEAD. He’s dead. He’s resurrected in what is called a glorified body. Meaning he no longer needs food, drink, oxygen, or rest. Why does he have a bedchamber and a bed and drapes that block out the sun that is too bright for his eyes apparently in PARADISE?

Today was the day of the celebration in honor of the wedding of the Lamb. All were invited to the marriage supper, and as Cameron showered and dressed…

AAARRRRRGH… glorified bodies smell apparently.

 …he was compelled to return to the new temple by way of the Highway of Holiness.

There’s God honoring people’s free will again.

Millions were on their way as part of the bride of Christ. The rest were companions of the bride or friends of the Bridegroom. The bride, of course, consisted of all born-again believers from the time of Pentecost until the Rapture.

Did you think that God was not a respecter of persons or that class divisions wouldn’t exist in the Kingdom of Heaven?

Fuck you. There are class divisions.

Pre-Rapture Christians are on top, though somehow also on the bottom as Gentiles, they get to marry and gay marry Jesus. Pre-Christian Jews are just friends of Jesus. And I guess post-Rapture Christians are friends of the church.

They all go to a big banquet and sit down at a table. Overhead the angels are watching and singing to God about how great he is, because that’s something that a completely all-powerful self-sufficient deity needs.

Oh and Jesus’ edict that everyone should be a vegetarian in paradise is bullshit.

Apparently the edict that men and women would find their sustenance somewhere other than in the flesh of animals had been lifted for this occasion, for as soon as Cameron found his place, the Lord Jesus Himself announced, “On this mountain I have provided a feast of choice pieces, a feast of wines on the lees, of fat things full of marrow, of well-refined wines on the lees. See, I have prepared my dinner; my oxen and fatted cattle are killed, and all things are ready. I have girded Myself and bid you sit to eat, and I will come and serve you.”

Yes, Jesus murdered a bunch of cows again.

Is human paradise really cow hell? Like are these all the sinner cows?

Seriously, why the hell can’t Jesus just make roast beef appear with God Magic?

This book is so fucking stupid.

We cut to Rayford now because the author hates us. Rayford is sad that his two Jewish mentors are moving to live with their tribes, because tribal separation is also a thing now in paradise.

Already friends and acquaintances expert in the knowledge of technology had begun trying to find the resources necessary to rebuild infrastructures. And from all over the world came reports that citizens were determined to rebuild mass communications methods, airplanes, and computers, restoring all the modern conveniences.

Honestly, if I have to say, “WHY CAN’T GOD JUST DO THIS INSTANTLY IN PARADISE?!?” one more time, I ‘m going to drink myself into a coma.

Also, all the dead people can teleport. Jesus teleported. And can’t they talk to each other with psychic communication like God is talking to them?

Rayford builds his house and hangs out at the Jesus Murdered My Parents orphanage where he wonders daily why some kids wouldn’t accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

But then Rayford and his first dead wife Irene feel that God wants them to go to Indonesia to build up that country, because even in paradise, the white man’s burden exists.

Representatives of all nations would make their annual sojourns to the temple, and it seemed apparent that Jesus wanted all the citizens of the world to enjoy the bounty of His new creation.

But he’s not going to do anything himself to actually accomplish that task.

Instead, Rayford Steel, white American, will save the people of Indonesia.

“Well, you see, when He said, ‘the least of these’ He really meant…”

Please, Trump voters and Evangelicals, tell me again how Trump is a moral person.

Tell me how Christian he is, guys.

Tell me how Jesus approves of this.

I dare you. I double dog dare you…

Will it Jew?


Sometimes when I read the news, I like to play a little game that I call “Will it Jew?”

“Will it Jew?” is a very easy game. You just take a quote from someone or from a story about someone who wants to discriminate against one group of people and replace their group’s name with “Jew”.

For instance, this:

Two conservative Christian groups in Texas believe that businesses and employers have the legal right to discriminate against LGBTQ workers on religious grounds, and they’re trying to get the courts to back them up.

Becomes this:

Two conservative Christian groups in Texas believe that businesses and employers have the legal right to discriminate against Jewish workers on religious grounds, and they’re trying to get the courts to back them up.

Or this:

The US Pastors Council and Texas Values, two nonprofit evangelical groups, filed multiple lawsuits in state and federal court this week, claiming that Christian businesses and churches have a constitutional right to fire — or not hire — LGBTQ workers.

Becomes this:

The US Pastors Council and Texas Values, two nonprofit evangelical groups, filed multiple lawsuits in state and federal court this week, claiming that Christian businesses and churches have a constitutional right to fire — or not hire — Jewish workers

Or this:

“Texas Values will not hire or retain practicing homosexuals or transgendered people as employees, because their lifestyles are contrary to the biblical, Judeo–Christian understandings…”.

Turns into this:

“Texas Values will not hire or retain practicing Jews or Jewish people as employees, because their lifestyles are contrary to the biblical… understandings…”

The point of “Will it Jew?” being, of course, that if you can replace the group you’re talking about with the word Jew and it sounds like something Hitler would say… maybe it’s time to rethink your position.

Feel free to play along on your own. I hope you find it enlightening.