Checking in on the Presidential race…

If you want to know how we got to a place where we have politicians who actually refuse to tell us their policy plans because it would hurt their election chances, the media is a good place to lay the blame.

It’s been my experience that we don’t have a liberal media as much as we have an irrelevant media. We have a media that focuses on important things, like the horse race, scandal, manufactured gaffes, and insider gossip, instead of little things like policy plans and the truth.

As to why the media does it, I wonder how much blame we as a people hold. Many have bought into the party line and embrace the horse race, cheering for their standard bearer without regard as to whether or not he’d actually do a good job or change America for the better. Others are probably so jaded (and I fall into this category sometimes) with both parties that they’ve simply checked out and only tune in on occasion to enjoy the spectacle.


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