Nerd News Roundup

DC Universe

Alright, more rumors. Last go around, the script for the Justice League movie scheduled for 2015 was thrown out and a new one was being commissioned by Warner Bros.

Today from Latino Review via AICN, there is word that the Warner Bros. execs have been so pleased with the results of Man of Steel that they have opted (or are planning on opting) to turn the entire DC movie universe over to the Nolan brothers, Zach Snyder, and screenwriter David Goyer.

Look, I’ve got no idea how serious this is, but if nothing else, it has made me want to see Man of Steel in the theaters this summer, so mission accomplished Warner Bros. PR people.


Well, the first rumored plot involved a secret government action that attempted to recruit Walt Disney to tell the world that we had made contact with aliens.

This rumored plot involves an alternate dimension, a 50’s sci-fi seeming utopia based on Tomorrowland, and crazy geniuses played by Hugh Laurie and robots.

I am a sucker for failed utopia stories. So once again, true or not, well done Disney PR people. I now really want to see this movie.


Another day, another actor signed on to the X-men First Class sequel. This time it’s Omar Sy playing an as yet unspecified role. Which I’ve been told is encouraging news.

Also, io9 reports that Halle Barry is reportedly in talks to come back and appear as Storm. Which… is not as encouraging…

With the full casts from both franchises seemingly coming together in one movie, as well as a bunch of new ancillary supporting characters, this is a seriously ambitious movie and I hope it doesn’t end up as a train wreck


Here’s Vin Diesel’s titular anti-hero giving someone a very bad day.


Which… yeah, I can’t begin to muster any feelings about this movie except my standard “unnecessary sequels are unnecessary” bit.

Star Wars

Best. Parents. Ever.




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