Nerd News Roundup

Resident Evil

From Shock Till You Drop (via AICN) comes the news that we’re getting yet another Resident Evil movie.


Seriously, people, why are you buying tickets for these movies? It’s like you don’t even know me at all.

Stop it. I can only imagine that the only reason you’re seeing this is Milla Jovovich with a gun, so when this 6th (sigh) installment of the franchise comes out in 2014, if you really feel the need to go see it, I would like you to stop and google ‘Milla Jovovich shooting guns’. You’ll save yourself 20 dollars (and save me my sanity knowing that I live in a world where these movies continue to exist.)

Iron Man 3

Here’s a new trailer.

Justice League

Contrary to the rumors yesterday, despite Christopher Nolan’s agreement with Warner to take the helm of their DC Universe, this does not mean that Christian Bale will be back as Batman.

It’s not all good news though– CBM’s source says Bale will not be reprising the Batman role, as recent reports have said. And though there hasn’t been word one way or another about The Dark Knight writer David S. Goyer jumping on board Justice League and rewriting Will Beall’s rumored scrapped script. “If Bale is coming back and Goyer is penning, it’s news to Warner Bros.,” said the source.

I’m alright with that. Nolan’s trilogy was far more ‘reality’ based than a movie with Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern could possibly be. Which is to say that I can’t imagine them existing in the current Nolanverse.

Spider-man 2-2

Director Mark Webb tweeted this out. And if I had to guess, I would say that this is what you get when you hire an 8 foot tall guy in a Rhino costume as your valet.


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