Nerd News Roundup

Star Wars

The big news of the day is that Carrie Fisher is returning as Princess Leia.

Guardians of the Galaxy

So more on the spacefaring adventure movie with the talking raccoon, Ent, and Andy from TV’s Parks and Rec. There will be space cops. From AICN:

Hey folks, Harry here…  Amazing how people collide upon stories on the exact same day.   Late yesterday I was contacted by a source instructing me to call him, The Moffballs, telling me that after they had a dinner with a friend that is a confirmed part of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’s production team, that the friend let it slip over the meal that NOVA CORPS were definitely a part of the movie.

The Nova Corps are basically alien space cops, ala Green Lanterns, except their powers are less about making cartoony green glowy machine guns or green glowy giant catapults to fight evil and more about blasting and or punching it hard enough until Evil runs crying home to mommy who also punches it, because she is the mother of evil after all.

Anyway, this movie is shaping up to be a great fun space opera or the biggest damn train wreck since John Carter.

Oz: The Great and Powerful

Here’s an interview with director Sam Raimi.



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