Nerd News Roundup

Star Wars

Let’s start with some rumor whiplash.

Carrie Fisher’s people are now saying she is not confirmed to return in Episode VII.

“She was joking,” a rep for Fisher told CNN about the star’s comment. “Nothing has been announced.”

Which I roughly translate as Disney’s people called her people and said, “Shut your client up, we’re the ones who announce this stuff.” So yeah, she’ll probably be back in some capacity, but I imagine Lucasfilm and Disney want to keep everything Star Wars related under wraps until they make an official announcement.

And here’s an interesting article on the Disney/Lucasfilm deal.

Iron Man 3

Some bits from io9:

The interviews just keep on rolling out from writer-director Shane Black and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. First up, here’s Black explaining how he adapted Warren Ellis’s “Extremis” comics story for the film:

In the Extremis comic book, there’s a type of thing that takes over and basically upgrades DNA. Sometimes you die. But if you live through the experience then you come out this changed thing. But the way they do it is the guy that does it is not some man chosen to be the super soldier — he’s just a militia guy. There’s an element of realism to it as well. So what we’ve tried to do is take this very science-fictiony concept of super people, and ground it in the type of people who volunteer for this being not necessarily super villains, but just people who upgrade.

I love the idea of a super villain that doesn’t wear a cape, that doesn’t wear a super suit. That goes around dressed as you are right now. As for the science of it, once again we’ve gone back to the comic books, and I think pretty much lifted the Maya Hensen idea, that she met [Tony] long ago and had the germ of an idea, which now has come to fruition full circle, but she’s afraid because it’s gotten out there. And we go from there. I think you’ll be interested in the effect that we generate to demonstrate what Extremis does to a human being. It’s a pretty interesting special effect. But we’ve deliberately stayed away from defining, ‘Oh it’s nanites.’ What we do keep from the comic is the idea that there’s a slot in the brain that seems to have been dormant, but exists in human beings, almost as though it’s waiting for human beings to find a way to fill it. It’s been there forever.

Avengers 2/Hulk:

The Hulk will not be getting a standalone film at least until after the Avengers sequel, which given that is only two years away and nothing about the Hulk has been announced, I think was a given.

When reached for comment, Hulk smashed our reporter, then went off for a good cry.


If you want a better idea of what the latest incarnation of General Zod looks like, you can find it here.


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