Too big to jail

A good article:

There is no question about who is responsible for tanking the country’s economy over the previous decade. There is no question about the general philosophy that underlay this great act of public pillage and economic rapine. There is no question that the great majority of the American people want action taken on their behalf against the people who looted most of the economy and then destroyed what was left, all the while demanding that the American people make them whole for all the damage they had done to…wait for it…the American people. Nobody seriously argues with any of this; Senator Elizabeth Warren hasn’t become a YouTube sensation simply because she presents well, although she does. It’s because she’s roasting all the right people which, given all that’s gone on since the consequence of all the looting fell on the country’s head, seems like a revolutionary act.

If the Republicans truly want to take the White House in 2016, the first thing they should do is go and find themselves another Teddy Roosevelt who promises to take a 2×4 and anti-trust legislation to the financial industry until all of the big banks become lots and lots of little regional banks.

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