If you were wondering…

We’re right on track as far as the national script for reacting to horrific and bloody awful gun violence goes.

I posted this as a comment elsewhere, but in case you forgot, the script goes as follows:

1. Maladjusted wackaloon picks up an arsenal and a few thousand rounds (or steals it because some dumbass ‘responsible’ gun owner doesn’t lock it up) and then goes out and shoots up (pick one or more):
– His (ex-) wife and her family
– A movie theater
– A college
– A workplace
– A f***ing elementary school
2. Everyone expresses sorrow and condolences to the family and promises that we’ll work hard to make sure nothing like this happens again. We may even get congressional hearings, but probably not.

3. The NRA comes out and says that if only the victims had access to body armor and anti-tank weaponry they’d all still be alive. This is echoed by the conservative media until it becomes a respectable sentiment.

4. Someone studies or introduces ways we could stop maladjusted wackaloons from acquiring more firepower than God.

5. A few weeks pass and, hey look! Lindsey Lohan! Isn’t she crazy!

6. Uh… what were we talking about again?

7. Another maladjusted wackaloon picks up an arsenal and a few thousands rounds and shoots up on of the aforementioned places.

8. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I don’t expect this to change ever. If we can’t be motivated to do something over a classroom full of dead first-graders, it won’t matter how horrific the next incident is.


2 thoughts on “If you were wondering…

    1. comradedread Post author

      What I’d like to have happen in this country is universal background checks, mandatory training and licensing requirements, limited ammo capacity, and police follow-up on large purchases by folks of guns and ammunition in the same fashion they follow up on large purchases of fertilizer and other bomb making components.

      What I expect to happen are more shootings by folks who had easy access to firearms.



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