Religious question

Between the Bible mini-series that just concluded on the History channel and the Passion of the Christ movie that was out a while ago, I get the impression that a lot of Christians really want to see Jesus getting tortured and killed and see the resurrection as more of an epilogue or afterthought to the gospels.

Do you find that accurate as well? Why do you suppose that is?


5 thoughts on “Religious question

  1. Joshua

    short answer: Violence is easier to sell and consume. The torture of Christ is something that resonates at a visceral level, while the realities of the Resurrection are rather confusing for most people. However, you’re right in questioning…

    the torture and death of Christ is incredibly important theologically. However without the Resurrection, it is all meaningless.

    Your observation has pricked my desire to write more about this… Do you mind if I tackle your question on my own blog ( my next post?


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