Arguing the issue


(h/t David Atkins)

If you’re like me, you’ve probably come to the realization that scientists are not trying to pull a fast one on you in order to get more sweet government lucre with which to reenact Scarface on a daily basis, but are, in fact, trying to warn us that come 50 years from now, our children could be wandering a post-Apocalyptic hellscape avoiding Raider gangs or sweltering in a Manhattan tenement powering their house via bicycle and wondering where Soylent Green comes from? (Hint: PEOPLE!!!!)

But if you’re still like me, you probably have relatives who still believe that Doctor Climatologist is really just trying to avoid working for a living because he chose a crappy specializations and should have taken robotics or chemistry.

And if you’re really like me… stop it, it’s creeping me out… but if you insist on being more like me, your relatives have a habit of polluting your Facebook page with posts from Hannity or Rush about how Al Gore is fat or it’s snowing so Climate Change is a myth.

Here’s a chart you can post in turn. climate-flowchart_FINAL2

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