Nerd News Roundup


General Zod has a message for us all.


And Bryan Singer tweeted a picture of Patrick Stewart as Professor X this weekend:


Catching Fire

Here’s the new trailer for the Hunger Games sequel. As I recall, I thought the first movie was passable, but not particularly great, because the horror of what they were trying to show was muted by the fact that we didn’t spend enough time with any of the kids for their deaths to have any emotional impact and seriously, if there was a yearly chance that your kid was going to die for sport because the government said so, I don’t know that many parents who wouldn’t grab the nearest knife or pitchfork, head on out to the woods and try to ambush a few government thugs so you could get better weapons to go and kill more government thugs.

Captain America 2

Slashfilm sat down with screenwriters Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely to discuss the upcoming sequel.

On how they fit their individual movie into the larger role of The Avengers 2:

McFeely: Kevin is the dungeon master, so if there’s something we really need to know, he’ll tell us, but he doesn’t steer us. With rare exceptions does he say “We can’t do that because of this next movie.” More often than not he’ll say “Let’s get this movie right and whatever falls out after that,we’ll address in the next movie. We’ll make sure that we don’t steer that movie in the wrong direction.”

Markus: And more often than not, when you’re thinking of the movies as a whole, it’s “What do you want the state of the world to be when Avengers 2 kicks off?” It’s never like, Cap has to put down a briefcase so the Hulk can pick it up. It’s never that specific. It’s sort of like, “Where do you want loyalties to lie when that movie opens?”

Head over there for the rest of the interview, it’s worth reading in full.

Iron Man

Lastly, if you’re in the LA area, you can go visit a new attraction at Disneyland based on Iron Man.


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