I didn’t post anything on what happened yesterday, because I couldn’t think of anything helpful to say. Like all of you, I watched the news footage, saw the video, saw the pavement covered in the blood of innocent men, women, and children, and it’s difficult to face such an event, or comprehend how men could do such a thing to one another.

And for all of the talking heads out there making a living on filling air time with speculation, I don’t think there is anything we can say. This is a tragedy and it hurts to think of the men, women, and children whose lives will never be the same.

Per their website, the Red Cross has said that they have the resources they need to assist right now, but they are asking that if you would like to help, go to and make an appointment to donate blood in the coming weeks and months.  As we live in a world that is far from perfect, there will be other tragedies, many that we never hear of, where our donations might be needed.


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