Nerd News Roundup


Here’s the trailer to Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynold’s new movie about two dead lawmen who are tasked with rounding up dead souls wandering about unlicensed on Earth.

The whole thing has a MIB meets that dead people’s government bureaucracy office from Beetlejuice, with Bridges hamming it up quite a bit.

I don’t know… I’m still thinking this is “I’ll just catch it on Netflix after I’ve gone through literally everything else in my queue that I want to see.”

Sigh… Weird Science…

I guess it’s been almost 30 years… Wow… since the original came out, so I guess this shouldn’t surprise me.

Universal Pictures and Silver Pictures will remake Weird Science, the 1985 ultimate nerd wish fulfillment comedy that was written and directed by John Hughes.

Still, always remember this blog’s motto: Unnecessary remakes are unnecessary.

There have to be a few original ideas out there worth pursuing, guys. I can just imagine every screenwriter with an original idea screaming profanities like a wounded pirate with Tourette’s every morning as they sit in Starbucks with their Apple laptops reading the Hollywood reporter until the hipster barista girl behind the counter threatens to cut them off from their espresso IV drip.


So, in addition to Robo-pee, Racially offensive robots, and Robo-balls, fans of the Transformers movies will now be getting the Chinese version of the Jersey Shore cast appearing in roles in the upcoming unnecessary sequel to the mostly bad unnecessary sequel to the craptastically horrific but not bad enough to be good sequel to the mostly okay first movie.

Having announced plans in early April for Transformers 4 to be a Chinese co-production involving the inclusion of some Chinese content, Paramount Pictures has now gone one step further in shaping the project along Chinese lines – by casting its Chinese roles through a reality television show, one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the country.


The secretive Brad Bird Disney pic has found one of its lead actors:

Raffey Cassidy, probably best known as young Kristen Stewart in Snow White And The Huntsman or young Eva Green in Dark Shadows, will play a young female robot who a) is an expert fighter and b) is buddies with George Clooney’s bitter inventor

Lone Ranger

Speaking of Disney movies, this new trailer makes the (very likely unnecessary) reboot of the Lone Ranger actually look pretty entertaining.

Of course, I did see Wild Wild West in the theaters, so… I’m not sure I trust my own judgment when it comes to big budget Hollywood westerns.

Star Wars

And lastly, this happened a couple of days ago, but I was buried in work, so, you know, unless ya’ll want to chip in and cover my salary, sometimes you’re going to have to wait a few days for this stuff, but Disney has announced that they will be milking their new 4 billion dollar purchase for everything they can get out of it.

Today at Disney’s CinemaCon presentation, the studio announced that beginning in 2015 we’ll see a new Star Wars movie every summer. The plan is to begin with Episode VII, written by Michael Arndt and directed by JJ Abrams, then alternate between standalone “spin-off” movies and new Episodes in the core storyline.

And despite the prequels… despite Jar Jar… despite Kid Vader… despite “I hate sand…”, I could not be happier, because I am in a dysfunctional relationship with this movie franchise. This time it’ll change! This time it’ll be good again!

I may need some help…


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