Nerd News Roundup

Star Trek into Darkness

Here’s a clip that’s been making its way around the intertoobs.

No spoilers really, and if you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ve probably already heard about this clip.

But it is a nice clip of Bones being Bones, Spock being Spock, and Scotty being Scotty.

Thor 2

Here’s the new trailer:

I was sort of ‘meh’ on it until the last part. I laughed at Thor’s line to Loki, ‘When you betray me…” instead of “If…” It shows that he’s not a complete idiot and also as desperate as Loki says he is.

Also, too, if you’re single, I think I know what Natalie Portman’s type is: overly dramatic blondes who wear ridiculous armor, wield a mythological weapon and scream, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” over her death.

So if you want a shot, you might want to dye your hair, locate Excalibur, and take a drama class.


Good news, everyone, by which I mean terrible news… Comedy Central having previously resurrected Futurama from Fox’s axing, has now axed the show.

Iron Man 3

Disney is currently flexing its corporate muscles and is having a bit of a tussle with AMC and Regal theaters over (what else?) money. Disney purportedly wants a bigger take of the box office for Iron Man 3 (and possibly subsequent movies) and now the theater chains have stopped selling pre-release tickets to Iron Man 3 and everyone is wondering if the film will open on time in the US, and seriously, with the amount of money we’re talking about, this isn’t even a story. The two sides will reach a compromise and everyone will have enough money to fund their cocaine, blackjack, and hooker addictions for another few months.


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