My rant for today…

I really do appreciate you telling me that an update is available. Seriously, I do. It’s good information to have and good habit to make sure your software is up to date.

However, unless you are an antivirus software company, I do not appreciate the following:

  1. Reminding me of your update every time I boot the computer
  2. Reminding me of your update every day and popping up a window in the middle of my work to do so, throwing me off and forcing me to choke down the rage bile in my throat and click the No button to get rid of it.
  3. Offering other downloads of software I do not have installed in your update window. I’m sure you’re super special toolbar for IE is awesome and poops rainbows across my desktop, but I’m not interested. If I were interested, I would have downloaded it already.

Did I leave anything out?

This is not hard.


  • Auto-update the software silently, preferably when I’m not using the computer and definitely when I’m not watching a movie or playing a game, or…
  • Pop the notice up once, and if I dismiss it, pop it up again after 3-5 days also preferably when it looks like I”m not using the computer so you’re not interrupting me and when I get back to my computer, I can see the notice, think, “Oh gee, I haven’t done that yet. I should do that now before I start working.” and click OK.

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