Nerd News Roundup

Here’s another clip from Star Trek into Darkness:

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Pie Maker is heading off into space.

Lee Pace is reportedly close to being signed on for Marvel’s upcoming space opera flick. Pace will reportedly be playing the villain.

I was a Pushing Daisies fan, so I’m glad to see Pace getting more and higher profile roles.

Also, if you haven’t see The Fall, go and do so now. I’ll wait.


Okay, that was an awesome movie, right?

Back to news, if you’d like to see the upcoming Man of Steel movie a day early, Wal-mart is going to make that happen.

Starting on Monday, May 18 at 8 a.m., 3,700 stores will begin selling the tickets for the Thursday night screening, which will begin at 7:00 p.m. at participating theaters…

…For those who think getting to see the film early isn’t enough, you’ll be pleased to know the ticket also comes with a special code that will allow a pre-order of the Man of Steel Blu-ray combo pack or the HD Digital Download of the film, which will feature exclusive film content. The “Man of Steel Experience” App for mobile devices will also allow users to take a picture with their purchase, and the app’s augmented reality abilities will put a virtual Superman next to them. Ticket buyers will also get an exclusive digital Man of Steel comic written by screenwriter David Goyer.

While I am a big Superman fan, I’m not doing it. I confess that I hate Wal-mart. I hated it when I was a dyed in the wool conservative, and I hate it now.

I hate it, because I lived it. One of my first jobs was at a Wal-mart and working ‘full-time’ at 32 hours a week (so you wouldn’t qualify for full benefits) at minimum wage (which translated to about $200/wk in take home pay) while dealing with the public… well, frankly in a store that carries guns, I’m truly surprised we don’t hear more about Wal-mart employees snapping and shooting up the place.

So seriously, go buy your movie tickets from Costco. They’re cheaper and from what I’ve read, they’re a better corporate citizen with better quality controls on their merchandise and better employment conditions.

Also, if any of you ever ask a clerk to help you find a book that is ‘about this big with a red cover’, you deserve another year in Purgatory.

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