Nerd News Roundup

Star Trek Into Darkness

There’s a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch’s ship, the USS Vengeance:


Iron Man 3

Slashfilm has their review posted from last night’s screening. Sounds promising to me.

Justice League

Everyone is still pretending that this movie is going to happen. And the latest bit involves news that if anyone is going to direct this movie which probably won’t happen it’s going to be Zach Snyder.

Given the positive reception I’ve heard about the Man of Steel movie, this isn’t surprising, but still, I think, generally overestimates Warner Bros. competence with its non-Batman superhero properties.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A


Bryan Singer has confirmed that mutants Bishop and Warpath will be in his upcoming sequel to First Class.

Bishop is a time travelling mutant from a dystopian future were mutants are herded into concentration camps and he became a paramilitary trooper, worked as a lackey for future Gambit in exchange for Gambit uploading his sister’s consciousness into a holographic computer, before Bishop travelled back to our time to catch time travelling escaped convicts, alternatively fought and helped the X-men as the plot demanded, saved the X-men from the psychic manifestation of Professor Xavier and Magneto’s merged consciousness’ (Seriously… don’t ask…)

Bishop then went a little wonky thinking that a baby would lead to dystopia and chased her and Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone’s (it’s a long story…)  son Cable (also from the future, as I said… long story) through time in order to kill her before she grew up and did something to destroy the world, where along the way he teamed up with Cable’s evil clone brother Stryfe, because comics, that’s why…


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