Nerd News Roundup


Wolverine vs. all the ninja.

I’m thinking the reason why movie heroes do so well against ninjas is because the ninja schools send all of the ninja rejects who don’t seem able to understand the ‘stealth assassin’ part of being a ninja and line up out in the open in cool martial arts poses instead.

Star Wars

J.J. Abrams confirms that John Williams will return to score Episode VII.  It will seem fitting if the then 83 year old Williams ends his career with the franchise that made him famous with so many. His music is Star Wars as much as Jedi, lightsabers, Darth Vader, or X-Wings.

Transformers 4

As the thing that should not be continues to come together and irk me every step of the way, it is becoming clear that Michael Bay’s goal is to ruin everything I once enjoyed.

Today, he ruins Cheers and Frasier for me.

The last time Kelsey Grammer starred in a big summer action blockbuster he was very much on the heroic side, playing the fuzzy, blue, brilliant Beast in Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand. Now he’s ready to give the season another shot, only this time he’ll be playing for the other team.

Deadline reports that the former Frasier star has been cast as the main human villain in Michael Bay’s upcoming Transformers 4.

Star Trek

Lastly, here’s a picture of one of the Klingons. They’ve got forehead ridges. At least this one does. He’s missing hair, the ‘stache, and the beard we’ve come to expect. Is this a change in look for the on-again, off-again Star Trek bad guys?


Maybe, but I prefer to think that his kid came back from Klingon Preschool with lice and this guy got infested with the little buggers and shaved all of his body hair before his wife came home with Rid shampoo and asked him why he’d do such a thing and then they got into a fight and then his men mocked him mercilessly about his hairless look, so he’s really pissed off and just wants to take it out on the first person he sees, which happens to be Uhura.



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