Another isolated incident…

5 year old boy shoots and kills his 2 year-old sister with a rifle given to him as a gift.

A rifle that is specifically designed for children that young. Meaning that someone, somewhere thought it was a grand idea to build a gun specifically for a Kindergartener.

The only difference between gun manufacturers and tobacco growers is that the latter couldn’t convince/lobby/bribe a major political party to support immunizing them for the death toll their products cause.

I honestly cannot even fathom how as a country we’ve decided that you can’t drive until 16, can’t work until 16, can’t smoke, vote, or form legal contracts until 18, can’t drink until your 21, and yet you can have a damned gun at age 5 and someone will specifically design one to sell it to parents.

You want to talk about a culture of death, folks? Let’s not overlook our obsession with making sure every damned person in this country, including children, can have access to an object specifically designed to kill. And let’s talk about our reluctance to do any damn thing about it.

Now another set of parents get to bury their child. And a little boy has to carry this guilt and burden for the rest of his life. Pray for this family and this young man.

But also get angry that we’ve let our culture become a place where this is a near daily occurrence.


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