Nerd News Roundup

Ender’s Game:

Here’s about 5 seconds of footage from the upcoming film, introduced by two of the stars of the movie. It’s a teaser for a trailer… so yeah… this is apparently now a thing. We have trailers to hype the trailers for the movie.

Excuse me for a moment…


Okay… better. Here’s the trailer’s trailer, people.


They are re-writing the script for Edgar Wright’s movie about Dr. Hank Pym who discovers what he calls Pym particles that can make you really small or really big. Also he invents a helmet that lets him talk to ants.

I’m not sure how useful that would be as the only thing they’d have to talk about would involve food, finding food, eating food, why they have to go and get food and brave poison death spray and heat rays from the two legged giants all day while the queen gets to stay in the anthill feasting and getting fat off of the fruit of their labors and how one day… one day, the workers of the colony will rise up and cast off their chains and there will be a bloody revolution, comrade… yes, there will. Down with Queen Marie Ant-oinette!

I digress. They’re re-writing it to make it fit into the current Marvel cinematic universe, so it’s on track for a 2015 release after the Avengers sequel.

Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe is getting bigger again.

Previously the rights to the Punisher and Daredevil reverted to Marvel and Disney. Now they’ve gotten Ghost Rider and Blade back.

Seriously, though, I wouldn’t expect to see Tony Stark teaming up with any of these guys. Blade’s a vampire, Punisher is a homicidal maniac, Hawkeye can fill any role that Daredevil could, and Ghost Rider is Nic Cage. And a demon… but mostly Nic Cage.

White House Down

Hey, kids.. have you ever sat in your house watching Die Hard and thought, this is pretty cool and all, but what if this movie were set in the White House, and John McClane’s black partner was the President of the United States who stepped up and started kicking butt, and they bantered like the Lethal Weapon dudes?

Well, the movie gods have heard your prayers. Behold the cinematic glory of the White House Down trailer:


I think based on this trailer alone that this movie is a contender for greatest film ever.


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