Nerd News Roundup

The Crow

The unnecessary reboot continues on unnecessarily.

Luke Evans has reportedly been cast as the lead now.

Anyone else think that Luke is going to make darned well sure that everyone on the set attends the gun safety lecture this time?

What… too soon?

Star Wars:

Mark Hamill gave a talk this weekend at a screening for Return of the Jedi. AICN has the article here. Go there and read the whole thing. Hamill comes off as a really insightful, down to earth sort of guy.

“Part of me is cautious, saying ‘let well enough alone, let everyone keep their nice memories if they have nice memories and don’t try to go back and do it again.’ But the other side of me, the adventerous side, thinks ‘If everyone’s in, how could I miss this?” How could you indeed?

Iron Man

In other news, the amount of money made by B-lister superhero Iron Man in his third movie: 175 million dollars domestically in one weekend; Money made on the big screen by A-lister superheroes Wonder Woman and Flash: $0.


Here is Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde on the set of the X-men: First Class sequel, which, if it stays true to the comic story from which it is adapted, Page will play a pretty heavy role in.

She looks pretty clean and well coiffed for someone living in concentration camp in a post-apocalyptic future.

Okay, 8:00am - Hard labor, 10:15 - latte break; 11:15 - burying the dead; 2:00 pm - Mani-pedi treatment; 3:00 pm - more hard labor

Okay, 8:00am – Hard labor, 10:15 – latte break; 11:15 – burying the dead; 2:00 pm – Mani-pedi treatment; 3:00 pm – more hard labor


Here’s a brief quote (courtesy io9) on how Marvel is going to expand the Avengers for the next movie, which given that we’ve gotten confirmation on Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch being involved, we already knew:

“All of the Avengers from the first movie will be back and they will be the core team, but what’s fun is that the roster shifts. It was always the intention to have a story line that brought in, obviously, new bad guys and potentially new heroes.”

I think we can agree that we’re all on board expanding the lineup.

You know… at least until they start talking about adding this guy.


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