As Congress continues to hold hearings on the Benghazi attacks, it is perhaps useful to keep in mind the fun we had with the last Republican Congress and the last Democratic president that was the Whitewater investigations, in which Congress held hearings, investigations, appointed a special prosecutor all in an attempt to undermine, weaken, and get convictions against Bill and Hillary Clinton, which ultimately ended in zero charges against the couple and their eventual post-office verbal acceptance by Republicans.

If you will recall the last neverending investigation of a Democratic President by a Republican Congress, there were many, many hearings that attempted to pin financial crimes on the President and only succeeded in discovering stained dresses and what the president enjoyed doing with his cigars when Ms. Clinton wasn’t around, so… yeah… thank you so much for putting that image into our heads, Gingrich.

So this week, as the endless hearings continue into why a White House spokesperson went on a Sunday news show and said that the attack happened because some Muslims were upset by a movie an idiot made instead of the fact that some Muslims were (and are very) upset by the fact that the U.S. is currently bombing the hell out of their countries (and their women and children), will continue in the hopes that some new stained dress and ruined cigar will surface.

Also, I’m sure we will hear endless armchair generaling about how President John McCain would have totally flown to Libya himself and saved everyone and killed all the terrorists everywhere with his bare hands.


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