McDonald’s Egg White Delight McMuffin

My general rule of McDonald’s is to not do it.

I’m about 30 years past the demographic that covets the idea of McDonald’s for every meal as long as it involves a toy and about 30 years too young for the demographic that just wants that senior cup of coffee.

But breakfast is an occasional exception to the rule.

So I noticed this new item on their menu when I last went in after running out the door without breakfast.


Side note, when you consider the pictures look absolutely nothing like the food they supposedly represent, the guys who frame these pictures of food are artistic geniuses whose work should be in the finest galleries.


The trend in fast food is the move towards healthier options. So I’ve got to applaud McDonald’s for giving it a go.

Not that their Egg McMuffin sandwich is that bad for you all things considered at 300 calories, 12 g of fat, 5 g of saturated fat, 260 mg of cholesterol, and 32 g of carbs. Okay, so 780mg of sodium is pretty bad, but if you try and limit your intake for the rest of the day, you can probably come out okay.

Pictured: Daily American intake

Pictured: Daily American intake

Of course, if you get the combo, you’re adding  another 150 calories (450 calories is still pretty good), another 9g of fat (less good), 15 g of carbs (still okay), and 310 mg of sodium for a total of (1090mg or 46% of your daily recommended amount, which is not so good.)

So McDonald’s came up with the Egg White Delight sandwich which is a good name in that you know pretty much what you’re getting. You’re getting an Egg McMuffin without the egg yolk. The surprise comes with the replacement of the staple American cheese with a slice of white cheddar cheese.

The changes bring us down to 250 calories (-50 calories from our Egg McMuffin), 7 g of fat (-5 g), 3 g of saturated fat (-2 g), 25 mg of cholesterol (-235 mg), 32 g of carbs, and up to 800 mg of sodium (+20 mg).

Okay, so mixed bag, but overall, if you don’t have issues with sodium and you do have issues with cholesterol and fat, then it’s definitely an improvement.

But how does it taste?

It’s… okay.

Food 101: fat generally equals more flavor. Oils and fats bring out more flavors in food. Same with alcohol. The key is generally moderation and balance.

Pictured: Not moderation and balance

Pictured: Not moderation and balance

So in removing the fat, we’re getting rid of some of the flavor of the sandwich. You can make up for some of that lost flavor by adding in different flavors or spices, which I think is what they were trying to do with adding the white cheddar, but it’s not quite enough. I found it a bit bland and the cheddar was overpowered by the inherent blandness of the bread and egg whites.

I think the mistake was in keeping the Canadian bacon. I think this sandwich would be absolutely awesome with some lean turkey sausage, which would impart more flavor to the overall product. Of course, that might also drive up the calorie and fat count, so mixed bag again.

There is another solution that might work.


I could totally see a tomato slice augmenting this nicely. Bonus: the potassium from the tomato would help offset a little bit of the sodium. I know you guys have them, McDonalds. Set them free. Go hog wild. Slap those tasty slices of goodness on everything.


Okay… except maybe that. 


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