Nerd News Roundup

Star Trek

This is perhaps, the geekiest commercial that will ever be:

Even geekier and better than the Shatner/Gorn rematch.


There’s a spoiler-y reveal about a possible post-credits sequence at the end of the upcoming sequel that (if true) would prove that comic book movie Death is just as easy to get out of as comic book Death.


Here’s some samples from the movie’s soundtrack:


Oh, dear Lord…

I suppose it was inevitable that as Game of Thrones became immensely popular, that someone would get the bright idea to try and cash in their D&D media license to make some money, but considering the cinematic abortion that was the last D&D movie (and… holy mother of Zod, theymade sequels?!?), I would have thought that everyone would have agreed to hang their heads in shame, put their d20s back into the closet along with the monster manuals, and moved on pretending that our L16 Elven Thief/Mage never existed, move out of mom and dad’s place, get an apartment with a slacker roommate, get a job as a barista or clerk, eventually work up the nerve to ask that cute customer out, get married, find a real job, have children, and then hang your head further in shame when your son rifles through the closet and discovers your RPG stash and your entire life comes crumbling down around you and your wife forces you into marriage counseling because she thought she married a normal guy and not a colossal dork.

Alas, no.

This ought to reverberate through the geek realm.Warner Bros has acquired rights to make a movie based onDungeons & Dragons, the perennially popular role-playing game fantasy game. 

The good news is that the director of the previous crapfest is involved, along with the screenwriter for Wrath of the Titans… so you know it’s going to be great. Just cast Sam Worthington already and the circle will be complete.


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