Carl’s Jr. Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Tacos

As I’ve said before, I do like the “We don’t give a damn about your health, we’re just hear to serve you meat and cheese to shovel down your food hole, if you want to talk about health, call your doctor” attitude of Carl’s Jr. They know what they are and they’re okay with that, if you’re okay with that. And if you aren’t, go eat a salad, you hippie communist God hating freak. You’re probably Vegan and drink Light ‘beer’.

You might as well put that in a bottle and suck it through a rubber nipple.

You might as well put that in a bottle and suck it through a rubber nipple.

Normally, I go for a burger. But sometimes a man is busy and if you’re living in a city like I do, you can’t always go out and kill your food with your bare hands, and sometimes the slab of beef loses its luster when you take a bite and realize that your cow was killed by another man. It tastes like your own pathetic shame.

So if you can’t stomach eating more Shame Burgers, then sometimes, by God, you take the crazy option and order the fish. Now any man knows that to make that fish more manly, it should be breaded in egg and flour and deep fried in lard.

So it was with mild surprise that I noticed that they had grilled fish on their menu. That sounds like a liberal plot to health-ify the menu and trick us into eating alfalfa sprouts and then soon we’ll all be hyphenating our last names. It’s a slippery slope, people.

But I was also tired of Shame Chicken, so I was out of options unless I wanted a sal-ad(?)

My God, man... do I look like a rabbit?

My God, man… do I look like a rabbit?

So there were two choices, a fish sandwich and a fish taco. I ordered a couple of their Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Tacos.

They were actually pretty tasty.

The fish was flaky and seasoned well. If I had a complaint it would be that it was a tad too salty, but that’s probably just nitpicking on my part.

Surprisingly, they showed remarkable restraint on the cheese too. Normally, I expect gobs of cheese in fast food, but here they added enough to give the taco more flavor without turning the thing into a quesadilla.

Same with the lettuce, there’s enough there to give the taco some texture, but not enough to make me feel like I’m eating a salad burrito.

The sauce (they call it crema sauce) is sour cream based (I think) and goes well with the pico de gallo they add, again imparting flavor without overpowering the fish.

I was genuinely impressed with the effort. And while I’m sure you can find better fish tacos locally, for the fast food genre of cuisine, this is a pretty good dish.

So if Johnny Law calls your efforts to butcher your own cattle in your garage ‘animal cruelty’, your HOA is screaming about zoning permits and your wife is telling you how you ‘scarred the children for life’…

Hey, he's the one who wanted a hamburger. Where did he think they came from? The Hamburger Fairy?

Hey, he’s the one who wanted a hamburger. Where did he think they came from? The Hamburger Fairy?

and you can no longer stomach Shame Burgers, then I’d say you could do a lot worse than ordering these. Between the fish, cheese, pico del gallo, and sauce, you can barely taste the regret you’ll have for not killing and gutting this tasty bastard yourself.


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