Nerd News Roundup

Spider-man 2-2: No, that’s not a stutter.

AICN has some photos and videos up of Spider-man chasing Paul Giamatti’s Rhino, which seriously has to be on the top 10 list of words I never thought would be next to one another in a sentence, through the streets of New York. Here’s Webhead catching a ride on a police car:


They have more including Spider-man in a hoodie (in case you were missing the Ben Reily era) and video of big trucks crashing into little cars.



Here’s shirtless Wolverine (You’re welcome, ladies) fighting a samurai. Seriously, Hugh, you’re making the rest of us dudes look bad. Eat a few cakes.


Star Wars:

Nerds! Hear me!

Join the Imperial Legions now. Become part of an elite squad. Travel to exotic and interesting planets, meet the locals, and occasionally have your head bashed in by furry teddy bears who use your skull as a bongo. Get the best weapons and armor that the Empire can offer. Our new model of rifle is guaranteed to hit the target 10% of the time. That’s nearly double the previous version.

Join today.

Or go and get your face put on a custom Stormtrooper figurine.

It’s probably the closest that you and I will ever get to killing a Jedi or you know, trying to kill a Jedi, missing horribly, and then being chopped into sashimi by her lightsaber for our trouble.

Agents of SHIELD

Here’s an extended preview for the upcoming series.

I would pay money to see this if it were a movie, so you can bet I’m going to watch it for free.

I am wondering if the black superhero is Luke Cage, because that would be pretty awesome.


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