This is why we can’t have nice things – Government edition

To highlight what the current level of not sane in which our political realm operates, I present the following from


To refresh your memories, the 3 scandals are:

  1. That Susan Rice went on a Sunday morning news show (which has never been sullied with false or misleading information ever in the history of the Republic) and said that some fanatics attacked our consulate and killed four Americans because they were angry about a film instead of some fanatics attacked our consulate and killed four Americans because they were angry about us bombing our way across the Middle East and Northern Africa.

    Also, because President Obama called it an ‘act of terror’ instead of a ‘terrorist attack’. I kid you not.

  2. That the Department of Justice to investigate a leak regarding an counter-terrorism operation subpoenaed the phone records of AP reporters. That sounds bad, until you realize that a.) Congress wanted the investigation and b.) thanks to the Patriot Act (passed by Congress and heavily supported by both parties) the FBI and DoJ could have issued a National Security letter and gotten everything they wanted in secret without having to notify anyone of anything.

    So, while I appreciate the newfound concern over surveillance, the horse hasn’t just left the barn, he’s galloped all the way to New York, where he hopped a boat, landed in Europe, crossed that continent and Asia, and is currently on his way back to the US.

    I hear he might arrive sometime in the 22nd century after all terrorism, everywhere is defeated though, so USA! USA! USA!

  3. That the IRS inappropriately focused on conservative would-be non-profit groups and made them answer more questions in their quest to attain tax-exempt status. Not one has been rejected thus far and all reportedly enjoy tax exempt status while their applications are pending.

The last one approaches a scandal because no one wants the Tax Man being used as a political weapon. But there is zero evidence that the White House was involved in doing this or suggesting this policy or making the policy, so even this problem (again, if we were sane) should be dealt with by an investigation, passing laws that better define which groups should be tax-exempt and which shouldn’t (and really… at this point, I’m about ready to say no group should be tax-exempt and be done with it, we’re not feudal Europe), and disciplining/firing those involved. In short, it should take about three months to look into it and fix it and we should be moving on to other little things like the Environment, the Economy, Immigration, the Banking sector, Income Inequality, etc.

But again… sanity has no place in our Republic.


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