Nerd News Roundup

Spiderman 2.2

Here’s a look at Paul Giamatti’s Rhino facing off with Spider-man.

Look, officer, I was just on my way to a comicon when this freak punches me in the face.

Look, officer, I was just on my way to a comicon when this freak punches me in the face.

I’m guessing the CGI guys will be adding in an actual Rhino looking costume later, because having Spider-man fight Paul Giamatti with a home-made cosplay suit of the Loader mech from Aliens while highly entertaining, probably wouldn’t fit with the overall tone of the Spider-man franchise.

Guardians of the Galaxy:

Hitfix has an assortment of rumors about the upcoming, seemingly insane, space opera that Marvel’s working on.

John C. Reily is reportedly in talks to play Rhomann Dey who serves as a liaison between SHIELD and the Guardians and who may also be the leader of a band of intergalactic space cops.

Space cops, Star Lord, talking animals, Ents, and green girls.

If they manage to pull this off, there’s nothing the Marvel film guys can’t do.


There’s a bunch of Superman rumors up based on content from an upcoming book. Hiding them because they are spoilery.

Superman’s suit is actually a Kryptonian environmental suit that appears to be used to help navigate the Kryptonian vessels which are actually alive.

The Phantom Zone projector is located in Krypton’s orbit.

The Black Zero, a prison barge, is the ship that takes the criminals to the Phantom Zone, located in subspace.

Krypton’s explosion causes Zod to be able to take control of Black Zero and becomes his flagship.

The Black Zero also has a squadron of drones associated with it – smaller ships.

Zod mentally torments Superman, as seen with the recent skulls image enveloping Superman from the latest trailer, which is said to be a dream sequence.

There’s quite a bit more over at the site.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

For those lamenting the fact that the aforementioned talking animals and Ents are scoring their own movie before Wonder Woman graces the silver screen, the DC Animated folks are throwing you a bone in the form of an animated Justice League movie that plays around in an alternate universe.

So, you got that, I guess…

Yeah, I know it’s not much, but I’m trying.


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