Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder

McDonalds has recently rolled these out to replace their departed Angus burgers.

And this one caught my eye because seriously, how can you screw up a bacon cheeseburger, plus habanero. I’m a serious hot pepper/sauce junkie. I love spicy food and I’m always down to try a place’s ‘spicy’ dishes. I’ve yet to meet a fast food spicy dish that rated above tepid.

The first thing I notice about the burger is that it actually looks like the picture.

Frankly, I’m in shock. That doesn’t happen. Maybe I stopped at the one fast food franchise where the food prepper was either not busy enough to just throw the ingredients into a box and call it a day, or where she was taking cooking classes at night and had just learned about presentation, but God help me, this sandwich actually looks good.

So how’s it taste?

The Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder comes on what they call a bakery bun, which means, it’s a white bread hamburger bun that’s a bit wrinkly on top and has bits of oat and what not along with the sesame seeds. Overall, I think it might have a bit more denseness to it, but it still tastes like white bread.

You know my thoughts on bacon. You can’t go wrong adding bacon to a sandwich. This bacon feels a bit thicker than the stuff they use in their wraps and on their breakfast sandwiches and it gave the Quarter Pounder some much needed texture.

The white cheddar cheese works here, because there are so many other flavors and it just adds to the overall sum rather than trying to prop up the whole sandwich like it did with the Egg White Delight.

The tomato is back! And it doesn’t even need its own side of the container this time.

The burger itself is a McDonald’s burger patty. Their normal burger patties suffer from dryness, but the quarter pounder patties far a bit better for being thicker. It will still never win any awards, but they’ve served billions of them so most of us must like them.

The habanero ranch sauce is really good. It’s got a spicy tang to it that actually adds heat to the burger. Not overwhelming sticking your head under the soda dispenser heat, but a good warm heat.

Unfortunately, the corporate guys must not have sent out the memo about cutting back on the ranch, because there was way too much on the burger I got. And while I wasn’t swimming in ranch this time, it was pretty close.

When it comes to liquid/sauce condiments, folks, a little goes a long way. I know people have an image of Americans (especially those who stop by McDonalds) as being tubs o’ goo that will dump a gallon of blue cheese dressing on any meal, but no, sauces are compliments, not the main course. Use too much and you drown out the taste of your food. This was pretty borderline for me and did the burger a disservice. So if I go back for this, I’ll definitely remember to order light on the sauce.

Otherwise, it was probably the best option on the McDonald’s menu for taste.

Nutrition-wise, it’s an absolute nightmare, with about a third of your daily cholesterol, 2/3rds of your saturated fat, and about half of your daily recommended intake of fat and sodium.

So yeah, it’s a decent tasting offering that’s worth a try, but you definitely don’t want to make this a habit, or you will turn into a tub o’ goo.


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