Beachfront property revisited

Those scientists who invented this Climate Change scam have clearly escalated from mild nuisences into supervillains who are destroying villages now with that thing they invented which does not exist and which we are not contributing to with our SUVs.

Yesterday, we talked about the African village of St. Louis which is fast becoming less of a village and more of an underwater set piece like those little castles you put in aquariums.

Today, comes this fun piece that is closer to home about a village in Alaska that will cease to exist by 2017, thanks to rising sea levels caused by Climate Change, which again, per our Republican leadership, does not exist.


I’d like to propose that the residents of Newtok should be relocated to the lawn of the Capitol building to remind the Congressmen and Senators every day about the non-existent problem that destroyed their home and drove them off of their land because they lacked gills.


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