Nerd News Roundup


There is a Fables movie reportedly in the works.

Fables, DC/Vertigo’s long-running and acclaimed comic book series, is being targeted for the big screen.

Nikolaj Arcel, who directed the well-received Danish film A Royal Affair, is attached to direct the fantasy adaptation, which will be written by Jeremy Slater. David Heyman and Jeffrey Clifford of Heyday Films, the shingle behind the Harry Potter movies, are on board to produce.

Fables is a popular comic from DC that has different takes on fairy tale characters currently running around in New York after being driven out of their homeland, and if that sounds familiar, you’ve probably been watching Once Upon a Time, which even though ABC did meet with the Fables’ people to talk about developing a movie/series based on their work, is completely different because its fairy tale characters live in Maine and therefore not legally actionable.

Spider-man 2-2: The touching story of a superhero who just wants to dance ballet.

Here’s a set photo of Spider-man pretend swinging along with Emma Stone.

You know this is fiction because no girl would ever go within 500 feet of a man dressed in a Spider-man costume shooting out pretend web strands (‘thwip thwip’) and pretend swinging her above Manhattan.


You can also tell it’s fiction because of the lack of hundreds of paparazzi trying to get an upskirt shot they can sell to the tabloids.


The good folks over at Comic book movie posted this slightly longer scene of Lois Lane interviewing Superman at the army base. Not much added here beyond what you saw in the trailer, but I’m including it anyway because it’s a really slow news day.


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