Nerd News Roundup


Following yesterday’s shot of Magneto hovering in the air, today (courtesy of we get a shot of Nicholas Hoult’s Beast tackling him in a fountain.

“I wish I could quit you…”

“I wish I could quit you…”

Anyway, head on over there and check out the rest of the images, including some better shots of the Beast makeup which looks very much improved from the first movie.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Sigh… yes, they’re making another one. Yes, this is feeling very much like the Hangover series in that a mildly entertaining first movie that doesn’t need a sequel is getting a sequel anyway because it made a boatload of money.

And seriously, John Cusack turned down this movie. And he signed on for The Raven, people.

So I barely care enough to write this piece, but some of you may be interested in Community’s Gillian Jacobs joining the cast.

Now let us go back to ignoring this in the hopes that it will go away.

The Hobbit: Oh, Lord, there’s still two more movies to fill. Quick! Someone grab the Silmarillion and see if there’s anything we can use!

If you want to see the trailer where in Bilbo and company get slightly closer to the Mountain along with roughly 15,000,000 other movie trailers if your movie theater is anything like mine, you can go see Man of Steel next weekend.

Seriously, here was my Star Trek movie experience. The movie itself was about 2 hrs. Then I show up an hour because it’s opening weekend and I’m with my father and don’t feel like going to the movies with my dad would be the same if I had to sit in the front row and he had to sit in the back, then we sit through 20 minutes of pre-trailer commercials for other crap. Then we sit through 10 minutes of various PSAs telling us to shut the hell up; go buy popcorn, candy and a teralitre of coke to cram into our food holes; and shut off our cell phones because we’re all insensitive idiots these days, followed by 35 minutes of trailers.

So you forced me to waste an hour and forty-five minutes to see a two hour movie, and then people wonder why no one goes to the movies anymore.

Here’s a thought: assigned seating, 3 trailers per movie, and 1 PSA about shutting off your damn phone with the warning that you will be removed from the theater if you use it.

Cripes. Yeah, that wasn’t nerd news, but seriously, screw movie theaters.


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