Nerd News Roundup

The Hobbit 2: Spiders and dragons and bears! Oh my!

The story of the little Hobbit going there and back again that has been stitched together with a bunch of information from the appendices to Lord of the Rings in an ill-advised attempt to turn a light hearted adventure into an EPIC! movie and wound up with something that wasn’t quite a Frankenstein, but close enough to make some villagers feel a bit weird about the whole thing.

Here’s a trailer to part two:

I’ve got to be honest, this really didn’t do anything for me. I think I’ll be waiting for the Blu-ray to rent it.

Captain America 2

Some more set pics, this time focusing on a SHIELD team and Falcon’s backpack. Yeah, I know… that’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for too. At last, I have a close up shot of the Falcon’s backpack!


While we all look forward to this week’s release of Man of Steel and the, by most accounts, pretty good reboot of the franchise, let’s take a walk down memory lane:

GI Joe 3

Yes, there will be a third one. And director Jon M. Chu is returning to helm it.

I still haven’t seen the second one yet.  When is that coming out? [Checks Amazon] July 30? Crap… okay, I’ve got to make a decision on whether or not I’m nerdraged about this now, but I lack the data necessary to make that decision.

But that never stopped an anonymous writer on the internet before, so let me proclaim this the Worst. News. Ever.

And if it turns out I actually like GI Joe 2, I’ll pretend this never happened.


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