Here we go again…

One of these days, we’ll get a President who can accept that sometimes the best thing to do is ‘nothing’ when it comes to the Middle East and foreign affairs in general.

So now, under the theory that it’s perfectly acceptable and awesome to shoot, maim, incinerate, kill, and dismember people with guns, missiles, bombs, and land mines, or crush them under tanks, but killing them with toxic fumes is just barbaric, we are openly involving ourselves in someone else’s civil war.

Claims and counterclaims came thick and fast Friday in response to the White House’s declaration hours earlier that it believes the Syrian government has crossed a “red line” in using chemical weapons against rebels.

That conclusion — declared for the first time Thursday — is prompting the United States to increase the “scale and scope” of its support for the opposition, the White House said, although officials stopped short of saying it will put weapons in the hands of rebels.

The U.S. report won backing from the British government Friday — but Syria and its allies in Moscow quickly sought to cast its integrity into doubt.

The Syrian foreign ministry accused Washington of releasing “a statement full of lies regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria,” according to a statement on state TV.

And a government statement reported by state news agency SANA accused the United States of using “flagrant tricks to come up with any possible mean to justify the decision of President Barack Obama to arm the Syrian opposition.”

Washington is “clearly exercising scandalous double standards in dealing with terrorism,” the statement said. The Syrian government under President Bashar al-Assad habitually refers to the rebels as terrorists.


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