Nerd News Roundup


At some point, humanity will create an Artificial Intelligence. When this AI goes rogue and decides to destroy us or enslave us all, as AIs do, I think in large part, it will be because of how we used our brains and the limited gift of time we were given to churn out endless sequels of diminishing quality in exchange for little pieces of paper that we all said had value.

Anyway, Arnold will likely be back playing a Terminator in a sequel no one wants and even fewer care about.

But it’s funny if you think of a hive minded AI watching Terminator Salvation over our charred and bleached skeletons being as ashamed to admit that we were his ancestor as we are to admit the same about monkeys.

Captain America

More set pics showing Falcon in flight. Alright, technically, he’s hanging from wires, but use your imagination, Mr. Smarty Pants Reader.

Justice League

It’s funny how everyone continues to pretend that this movie will ever happen.

But if someone switches on an Improbability drive near Hollywood and it does get made, expect to see a new Batman. Which is fine with me, because a.) this movie will never be made, and b.) The Dark Knight Rises sort of made me think that three movies was about ½ a movie too long for this version of Batman anyway.

Seriously, I just rewatched Batman Begins, and I am willing to argue that it was the best of the three movies plot and character-wise.

That said, I also fully expect any Justice League movie to be an absolute train wreck.


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