Jack’s Big Stack

So there’s this.

Your burger will look almost, but not entirely, completely unlike this.

Your burger will look almost, but not entirely, completely unlike this.

This being Jack’s Big Stack, which is: two hamburger patties, two slices of American cheese, mayo, mustard, three long pickle slices, and an onion ring on two pieces of grilled sourdough bread.

It comes in a box, which I’ve opened and… yeah. There it is.

In a long fast food tradition, it looks nothing like the picture on the advertisement. Seriously, they should give those photographers awards for creativity.

First bite. The onion ring is on the other side of the burger, so I didn’t get any this time. It’s mostly meat, cheese, and mayo. Dear God, is there mayo.

Seriously, are there focus groups out there who write, “Good cheeseburger, but I could really go for a cup of Best Foods Mayo on top”? Am I the only person in America who thinks, “Maybe use a knife and spread the mayo thinly across the bread, instead of slapping it on with a shovel”?

So far the taste is basically that of their other sandwich, the Ultimate Cheeseburger, but with mustard, a shovel of mayo, and greasy sourdough bread instead of a normal hamburger bun.  Worse, the bread is only grilled on the outside, meaning that the flood of condiments has basically broken down the inside of the bread into paste.

One more plea to the soulless corporations coming up with these menus:  STOP USING SO MUCH RANCH/MAYO/SAUCE!

The amount of mayo remains consistent throughout the sandwich. I do find the onion ring, which adds more taste, but man… I wish I just ordered an Ultimate Cheeseburger, because this sandwich doesn’t work for me at all.

It would be better with a normal hamburger bun, 95% less mayo, add ketchup, and another onion ring.


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