Nerd News Roundup

The Lego Movie: 

This should be subtitled, “Daddy, I want it! I want it! Please buy it for me! PLEEEEEASE!”

The only other notable thing is that given how well the WB folks handle the DC properties when it comes to movies, this will probably be the only time you’ll see Superman and Batman in the same movie.


Director Bryan Singer tweeted out this teaser picture of a speech from Nixon. I’m guessing Magneto is probably behind the incident in Paris that will lead to Dick selling the public on funding giant death robots.


Whether or not that will also include headless Spiro Agnew is still open for debate.


Before Spiderman Tutu has even finished filming, Sony has decided to give it two more sequels coming out in 2016 and 2018.

No word on whether or not Spider-man 3-2 will feature dance and musical numbers and 2 hours of everyone crying or not.



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