Your isolated incident for the day

Also your responsible gun owner of the day…

Points a handgun at his teenage daughter, pulls the trigger assuming that it isn’t loaded.

It is.


4 thoughts on “Your isolated incident for the day

  1. lwk2431

    While you are at it you might have some “isolated incidents” of people who drink and drive and end up killing someone. Or incidents where someone runs a red light and kills someone (happened a couple years ago to some friends of ours – killed both parents leaving two teenage boys as orphans).

    There are tons of “isolated incidents” of stupidity, negligence, and carelessness every day that end up killing people, and guess what, the vast majority are _not_ with guns. Sometimes they are even swimming pools, a young kid falls in and drowns because the gate wasn’t locked.

    “I reject your reality and substitute my own”

    The truth is true and nothing else is true. You don’t have your own reality. You have your illusionary view of it.



    1. comradedread Post author

      If I want to drive, I have to learn the rules of the road, go down to a government office, demonstrate competency, and get a license to do so. Every so often, I have to go back and demonstrate continued competency to renew my license. If I fail, I lose my license. If I fail to follow the rules of the road enough times, I lose my license.

      Society recognizes the potential for harm that can result from misuse of a car and the use of cars is regulated accordingly.

      Whereas, if I want a gun, (depending on the state, the type of gun, and the method of purchasing that gun) I need merely hand someone cash.


      1. lwk2431

        “If I want to drive, I have to learn the rules of the road, go down to a government office, demonstrate competency, and get a license to do so.”

        And that stops the carnage on the road? That prevents people from doing stupid things on the road? I don’t think so. The real purpose is to collect taxes and fees.

        Also because you don’t have an amendment that protects your right to drive the government is determined to drive up the cost of driving as high as possible.



      2. comradedread Post author

        No, I don’t expect gun regulation will magically eliminate all gun deaths.

        I do expect that it will reduce them, much as sensible regulation and laws regarding cars and driving have reduced driving fatalities and improved our overall quality of life.

        If auto manufacturers operated as gun manufacturers do, you’d have SUVs marketed for five year-olds with seat belts and airbags optional.


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