Your isolated incidents for the day…

Police said Faust used a pistol-gripped shotgun to shoot a man in a car outside a law firm, crossed five lanes of traffic and shot three more people outside a Walmart in the city of about 87,000 people around 85 miles east of Raleigh.

  • And your responsible gun owner for the day, who locks her 5-year old daughter in their home with an unsecured weapon while she goes to the store. You won’t be able to guess what happened.




5 thoughts on “Your isolated incidents for the day…

  1. lwk2431

    And today, based on research by the NCIS (low end) and Dr. Gary Kleck (high end) Americans used firearms at least 274 times for self defense up to possibly over 6,800 times for self defense. Tragedies and stupidity happen, but are tiny in comparison to good and beneficial uses of firearms to defend against the violent and criminal.

    Remeber, guns are designed to _save_ lives, not take them – statistics prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.



    1. comradedread Post author

      Well, aside from once again pointing out that I’m not advocating a total gun ban, I will simply say that about 33,000 corpses from last year in America alone would disagree with your assessment that guns save lives.

      Guns are designed to kill people or animals, the same as any other weapon. Guns just do it far more efficiently than many alternatives.


      1. lwk2431

        “33,000 corpses from last year in America…”

        And the majority were suicides. In Japan guns are almost non-existent in private hands and they manage to kill themselves at pretty good rate anyway.

        Do the math. If even as few as 800,000 people use a firearm in self defense (one of the very lowest estimates from people who actually tried to do research on it) then more than like a lot more lives are saved by guns than taken.

        And don’t forget that the homicide and crime rates are actually at historic lows right now, less than half of what they were at their height in the 1990s.

        Here is good blog post you ought to read (not mine):



      2. comradedread Post author

        Really. I get it. You don’t want any new gun laws and want the status quo to continue. I am sorry if my continuing to point out the human cost of those policies makes you uncomfortable, but I’m not going to cease to do so, because I believe that tightening gun laws will reduce the yearly human sacrifices we pay while still allowing most Americans to employ their 2nd amendment rights.

        As to suicides, the statistics are that a person attempting suicide in a home with a gun is 4x more likely to be successful than someone without ready access to one.

        And it is rather amusing that you cite falling crime rates (which I am aware of) so soon after trying to justify the status quo of loose guns laws by painting a picture of a nation under siege in which the only thing holding back a wave of violent crime are easy gun laws.


  2. lwk2431

    “You don’t want any new gun laws and want the status quo to continue.”

    Not exactly. I would be happy if we could return to a government we could trust and the re-visit the conversation. The problem right now is a government verging on tyranny and that is far more important problem.




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