Nerd News Roundup

Taken 3

Liam Neeson is back. I’m guessing someone will get kidnapped and Neeson will kill literally everybody in Europe to find them for the third time.

I’m hoping for an eventual crossover that aligns Taken 7 with Episode VII, where Jar Jar Binks is kidnapped and Neeson shrugs and goes back to eating breakfast with his family.


If you’ve been as pleasantly surprised by the adventures of the Green Arrow over on the CW, then you’ll probably want to know that season 2 will premier in October.

I was expecting cheese, and while it does deliver that on occasion, it also gave a pretty decent story of a superhero in training and had some unexpected twists, especially in the last episode.


This isn’t nerd news, but it does hit my other demographic. For those of you interested, Rick Santorum (and for those of you in that demographic, do NOT google the man’s name) is now the CEO of evangelical film company EchoLight Studios.

I, for one, welcome this development and would like to encourage all of our current congressmen to join Mr. Santorum in the entertainment industry, where your narcissism will be right at home, and where your poor leadership and policies will only tank movies instead of the nation as a whole.

Even in faith-based films, Hollywood tends to water down the truth. Soul Surfer was a good film, but it didn’t accurately portray faith in that young lady’s life and how she overcame what she had to overcome. I don’t want to preach to anybody, I just want to portray faith as it really is, and we’re going to be telling a lot of true-life stories, and we’re going to make them comfortable even for people who are not of faith, because they are honest. That’s the challenge for us, and it’s what Hollywood tends to shy away from.

Look, that’s all well and good, but I think the problem is that in setting to make a faith-based movie, the studios often fail to make a good movie and settle for making a 90 minute long tract.

You know, that, and if I see one more film set in a small town with ranches and horses and small town folksy wisdom, where a big city guy has to come to reconnect with his faith and family values, I think I’m going to… well, I’ll probably just ignore it. I’m just saying mix it up a bit.

How about a reversal? How about a small town preacher who comes to the city and has to deal with a diverse congregation and other good Christian leaders who happen to have different view points on the bible?

Or a sci-fi film? Or a comedy about growing up as a high school kid in a Christian school and navigating the odd cliques, added awkwardness about sex, and trying to deal with everyone telling you to ‘find God’s plan for your life’ when you’re not hearing a thing from God about what college or major you should pick?


And proving that not all bad movies are ones set in small towns with big city folks relearning how to be good people (Seriously, we don’t immediately become Satan-worshippin’ heathens simply because we grew up in Los Angeles or New York.) there’s this gem.

Sweet Christmas… Can’t wait for Pong: The Movie!


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