Nerd News Roundup

Captain America 2

Here’s the first poster for next year’s sequel. This is the movie I’m actually looking forward to the most. The first movie was my favorite of Marvel’s phase 1.

Cap 3

Star Wars

Disney is planning to feature Star Wars at their D23 expo next month. Speculation is high that they will take the opportunity to unveil some more info on Episode VII.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Hey, are you ready for a return to the world of Victorian literary heroes and villains teaming up Justice League style to fight evil (or greater evil?)

I am. Only to see if Alan Moore’s head will explode in fury Scanner’s style or simply melt under the heat of all the pent-up rage before exploding like the Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The comic series is rising to new life as a TV show — or it is taking the first step towards doing so, at least. Michael Green (The River, Heroes, Smallville) will serve as writer and executive producer on a pilot based on the comic, and if the show is picked up to series he’ll serve as show runner as well.

Hey, it’ll be on Fox from a guy involved in Smallville AND Heroes, so you know… QUALITY!

I’m guessing Alan Moore will take option 3, where he rips off his human skin mask, reveals himself as Cthulhu and his mighty beard tentacles begin strangling any Hollywood executive who has ever adapted his work.

I honestly couldn’t decide if posting this picture would be better or worse than if I posted the head exploding and face melting videos… Now that I look into his eyes, I’m thinking it’s worse.

Saints Row IV

And I don’t normally touch on video games that often here, but seriously… this trailer makes his game look like the perfect Michael Bay movie met Idiocracy and the two had the most awesome child together.

Video is NSFW because of language.


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