Nerd News Roundup

Alice in Wonderland

Hey, all two of you who liked the Tim Burton take on Alice in Wonderland in which Alice is The One and the Mad Hatter is bizarre Johnny Depp in Make Up Character #59 who does this:

You can be excited because Alice in Wonderland 2: Into the Shameless Cash Grab will soon be gracing your theaters.


Fox would like to do an X-Force movie.

For those of you who have no idea what X-Force is, X-Force was the 90’s EXTREME! version of the X-men created by (the sometimes infamous) Rob Liefield. It’s what gave us Cable, one of the most 90’s superheroes ever with his absurd physique, overly huge guns that were bigger than he was, bad attitude, worse haircut, and pouches. So, so many pouches.


That’s him on the right. “It was the 90’s,” is the best explanation I can give you.


And while he’s gotten less EXTREME! over the years, Cable trained a bunch of mutants into a paramilitary group that went out and used their powers to fight the good fight for mutantkind which was well, pretty much what the X-men did, but more EXTREME!

And pouches! Sweet Buddha were there pouches.

And pouches! Sweet Buddha were there pouches.

Box Office


Good thing we had more important news to worry about this weekend than movie numbers, because those were pretty disheartening. As many already suspected, Grown Ups 2 came in ahead of Pacific Rim (our review), $42.5 to $38.3 million, proving yet again that internet hype doesn’t have much of an effect on Charlie Cheesesnack and his family in West Fumblefart.

Grown Ups 2? Grown Ups 2? Can you even look at yourself in the mirror this morning? You are all horrible.


Hugh Jackman would like to be an Avenger. I would approve of this, as I suspect many fans would, but getting Fox and Disney to agree on licensing terms would probably be only slightly less difficult than getting the Israelis and Palestinians to agree on what to order for lunch.

Doctor Who

Have you ever been playing Monopoly (You have? What is wrong with you?) and thought, “This is cool, but what it really needs is more Doctor Who.

Then this would be right up your alley.


I’m guessing the duplicates would involve the use of alternate rules involving time travel.


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