We are now the enemy…

Sometimes I do check in with my former fellow travelers in Conservatopia where there are no poors (just lazy leaches), the skies are not cloudy all day (because they’re always falling), and all that is a heard is a discouragin’ word.

I confess I missed this, so a tip of the hat to Charlie Pierce for highlighting this little article explaining why Republicans should get rid of a perfectly good Republican Senator Mike Enzi in favor of Liz Cheney… and it’s mostly because Enzi, for all of his conservativeness, actually believes that his job involves governing the nation and not screeching talk radio talking points 24/7.

You think I’m being uncharitable, let’s go to the article:

He [Enzi] needs to go because we can do better. It’s not about Mike Enzi or any other Republican politician. It’s about winning this war against progressivism, and if you aren’t leading the fight then bow out and make room for someone who will.

Liz Cheney will. The seat would hardly be at risk – the Wyoming GOP primary is better known as the Wyoming general election – so we can take the chance to do better. After all, Liz Cheney has something Enzi doesn’t – a taste for political combat.

She wants to win. Not to “compromise,” not to “work together,” not sit around singing “Kumbayah” with the liberals. She wants to win.

Enzi wants to be a sober, serious legislator working with his liberal friends across the aisle to make a better country. Except there are no friends across the aisle, and the liberals do not want to make this a better country. (Emphasis added.) Liberals want to ruthlessly acquire and maintain power and control over every aspect of our lives, and anyone who does not see and understand that and who can’t commit to destroying their hideous plans for our country needs to get out the way for a true conservative warrior.

And judging from the comments on this rather mainstream conservative website, the author isn’t alone is believing that trying to govern the country is the one thing a Senator should not do, because liberals are not fellow Americans who love this great country and want to see it thrive but simply have a different idea as to how that can be accomplished, no they are the implacable enemy who wish to destroy the nation, against whom conservatives are fighting a war.

So yeah… kudos for honesty, I guess.

If you’re wondering why our government can’t seem to address any of the problems facing the nation, it is because the base of one party has completely embraced the idea that government should either work 100% how they want it to work, or it shouldn’t function at all, the will of the electorate and the majority be damned.

It also makes me wonder if America can continue to function as a United States, when half the population views the other half as secret traitors and their chosen representatives as illegitimate.

Updated: I realize my own opening to this paragraph may convey the impression that I see conservatives as a political enemy as well. I think part of why I come off so sarcastic when it comes to the topic of politics is partly because of my background as a former conservative, and how I was treated when I started to diverge from orthodoxy. And the rest is frustration because I simply cannot understand what the GOP has turned into these days with its embrace of hard right economics, climate science denial, and zero sum political strategies that make effective governing impossible.

I will try to temper my own sarcastic comments in the future.

4 thoughts on “We are now the enemy…

  1. jonolan

    The simple fact is that the Left are the enemies of America and we’re at war with them, though the shooting hasn’t started yet. Your side’s view of what to move this country towards is antithetical to everything that America has always stood for. Of course you’re the enemy just as Americans are your enemies because we won’t allow you to fundamental change our country into something unrecognizable.

    There can no longer really be any compromise. One view must win and one lose. Either America or her replacement must triumph.


    1. comradedread Post author

      Awesome. There we go, folks. Perfect example.

      Honestly, I don’t even know how to reply to this except that you’re either a great troll or are delusional.

      What I want for my country is for folks to have the freedom to pursue the American dream, and the responsibility as citizens to leave this nation better off for our children than we received her and to help each other out because we’re all Americans. What I want is to see government by the people, of the people, and for the people instead of government sold to the highest bidder.

      What I want is an actual functional, competent government that addresses the problems that the nation regularly faces instead of a Confederacy of states that is paralyzed by division. You know, sort of like the one that was outlined in the Constitution?

      What I want is a safety net that provides for the most vulnerable among us so people who get crushed by the wheels of capitalism can recover and thrive.

      What I want is a government that regulates business and restrains its worst and most short-sighted impulses with regards to the commons, and not some anarchic-capitalistic society where companies have free reign to do whatever they please under the naive belief that market forces will restrain them.

      What I want is to bequeath my kids a future where they don’t have to deal with environmental disasters because my generation was so short-sighted and greedy that we didn’t give a damn about them because that would have meant paying slightly higher taxes or energy costs.

      America used to stand for freedom with responsibility as citizens, responsibility to our communities, and responsibility to posterity. I am what America used to stand for, and if anyone has moved, it is those who have abandoned that for a model based on unfettered individualism, unrestrained greed, and a lack of thought for others, for the nation, and for the future.


  2. jonolan

    America used to stand for freedom with responsibility as citizens, responsibility to our communities, and responsibility to posterity. That was true then and is still true now. Your sort, however, are not what America used to stand for because you’ve continually tried to replace the people with the government when it comes to those responsibilities and that will always be anti-American and doomed to failure.

    You see, what your kind says sounds good on the surface but always comes down to taking more from those that earn it in order to give more to those that don’t, AND what you give provides nothing but subsistence, thereby building a multi-generational corps of dependent people that give you the excuse to take even more.


    1. comradedread Post author


      The government has a role to play in our society by establishing and enforcing laws, by addressing nationwide problems that are too large for individuals or states to handle and not profitable enough for the free market to address (or which are caused by the free market), by promoting the general welfare of its citizens (which among other things means nobody should be starving in our streets, lack the opportunity for an education, end up in penury because they happened to get sick, or have to live in a cesspool because someone poisoned the environment), by regulating commerce, and by providing for a common (sensible) defense.

      And if that means that I have to pay slightly higher taxes, so be it. We’re still pretty far from where taxes were from 1940-1980 (75-90+% for the top tier.)



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