Nerd News Roundup

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Here’s the latest trailer for the sequel to the rather okay movie with Jennifer Lawrence and lots of random teens that we spent 5 seconds with killing each other.

The largest takeaway from this is that in 20 years, there are going to be a lot of kids flocking into the courts asking to change their names from Peeta and Katniss to normal names. Fortunately, the judge will probably be named Bella and will sympathize with the poor kids.

Avengers 2

Coming out of comic con was the news that the Avengers sequel will not be all about Thanos, but instead will be called:


Yep. Ultron. For those unfamiliar with Ultron, Ultron is basically the Avengers’ Skynet or Master Mold, that is, a homicidal AI that wants to kill all humans. In the comics at least, Ultron was created by Hank Pym AKA Ant Man, but Joss Whedon seems to be of the mind to change Ultron’s origin a bit for the movies:

You’ll have to wait and and see, but you don’t need a Pym to create an Ultron.

Based on the end to Iron Man 3, I’m guessing Tony creates another AI, perhaps modeled on his own brain patterns to be Iron Man, so he can have some down time with Pepper, and then things go horribly wrong, and pretty soon we get little Nazi death robots, as opposed to the giant Nazi death robots in the upcoming X-men sequel.

X-men: Days of Future Past

And speaking of the sequel, there was a panel with the cast and some footage of the movie.

We see a closeup of Patrick Stewart’s eye, and someone (Stewart) asks, “What’s the last thing you remember?” Professor X (Stewart) responds, “I had a glimpse into the past.”Then Professor X tells Wolverine, “You’re going to have to do for me what I once did for you.” We slowly zoom out from Professor X’s aged face, and then we see him with a Cerebro helmet on, and later coming out of the Cerebro chamber.

And this is a dark dystopian future… and Professor X and Ian McKellen’s Magneto seem weary and filled with dread. They’re in a war chamber in front of a table that shows how badly things are going. Wolverine even has a bit of gray in his facial hair.

We learn that Professor X and Magneto have come together “side by side, to end this war before it ever begins.”

Wolverine asks, “So I wake up in my younger body, and then what?” Professor X responds, “Find me, convince me of all this.” And Magneto chimes in that Wolverine will find younger Magneto a different person, “a darker person.”

Give the whole thing a read. It sounds like it will be amazing.


Seriously? PG-13? For Robocop?

The movie that had grotesque executions by a hail of bullets as its central premise? Exploding toxic waste mutants? Over the top violence as satire?

Unnecessary sequels remain unnecessary.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Lastly, here’s some concept art from the Guardians movie, showing them in a lineup:


And here is a description of the footage shown at Comic-con:

As for the footage, it’s staggering what Guardians was able to show, given that they’ve been in production for about two weeks. The clip starts with Star Lord (Pratt) breaking into a non-descript but definitely alien room. He’s holding a glowing blue orb, and he appears to trade it for another when suddenly, men with guns demand he puts the ball down. They ask Pratt who he is. “I’m Star Lord.” “Who?” Hounsou’s character asks. “Aw, c’mon guys. Star Lord?!” Pratt says, incredulously.

That sets the tone for the rest of Guardians which has a very casual, slacker vibe, and anti-hero tone that works very well. The clip plays out with Rhomann Dey (John C. Reilly) going through a police-line-up type of description of each character. We start with Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista), move to Gamora (whom Zoe Saldana describes as “an assassin”), fit in Rocket Raccoon and Groot before ending on Star Lord (Pratt). “They call themselves The Guardians of the Galaxy,” Dey says, with disdain. “What a bunch of a__holes,” his second in command says.

Okay, I’m starting to believe that this movie won’t be a complete train wreck. Hopefully it will still find an audience unlike a lot of other geek movies that have come out recently.


I suppose I should mention this too.

It would seem that the charade about a Justice League movie in 2015 has ended, and that the WB folks are planning on making a Man of Steel sequel that will also incorporate Batman.

Also, they had an actor recite old man Bruce Wayne’s speech to Clark Kent after Batman beats Superman in a fist fight in the classic The Dark Knight Returns comic, so if you were hoping for a Superman movie that was less grim and gritty than Man of Steel, it would appear that they are moving in the opposite direction instead.


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