Star Trek is Better than Star Wars

In the spirit of this article, here’s the top five reasons Star Trek is far superior to Star Wars.

5. Religion (Winner: Tie)

Religion and Star Trek – Star Trek, for the most part, has done away with religion. I’m convinced that Star Trek inspired John Lennon to write Imagine. Whether this is a plus or minus depends on your perspective. It has also done away with baseball. (Again, plus or minus is a matter of perspective.)

Religion and Star Wars – “Use the Force, Luke.” Midi-chlorian? Really? Have you heard that Jedi is an officially recognized religion by the UK government? What’s more is there are more Jedi’s on the books in New Zealand than there are Muslims!  Don’t believe me? I don’t see how this could be seen as a good thing.  I guess you have to believe in something.

4. Politics (Winner: Star Trek)

Politics and Star Trek – Do you want peace on earth and all the various nationalities on the planet to work together in unison? Then look no further than Star Trek. Our world today desperately needs the political diplomacy of a John Luc Picard. I’d even settle for Sisko’s expertise in light of the current political mess we’re in.

Politics and Star Wars – Take the systems we have in place, magnify their negatives and eliminate their positives and you have the political system in place exemplified by the Star Wars universe. How many kids grew up watching Star Wars?  How many action figures have been produced for Star Trek? And you wonder why our political systems are in a mess?

3. Economy (Winner: Star Trek)

Economy and Star Trek – There is no monetary system within the Federation. They work for the purpose and pleasure of self-improvement and exploration. They’ve evolved past the need for such archaic processes and are ashamed that humanity ever took part in capitalistic enterprises.

Economy and Star Wars – Here’s a brief summary of Episode 1: A princess of an empire sends a kid into the face of almost certain death so she can get the money to repair her beautiful ship! How pathetic! We banished child labor in the United States more than 100 years ago! Then there’s the hero, Han Solo, that is wanted by the mafia and has to kill on a number of occasions to make a buck and save his skin at the same time.  What great role models for developing minds!

2. Technology (Winner: Star Trek)

Technology and Star Trek – Look around you. How many pieces of technology have been inspired by Star Trek?  Do you see a cell phone, a microwave oven, an iPad/tablet, or a cup of hot Earl Grey Tea?  All of these were inspired by Star Trek.  Scientists today, with their young minds energized by the creativity and ingenuity of Star Trek, are working on anti-gravity, warp engines, and transporter technology. It is only a matter of time!

Technology and Star Wars – I hear crickets. Do you hear crickets?

1. Ecology (Winner: Star Trek)

Ecology and Star Trek – From Captain Kirk to Captain Janeway, Star Trek is constantly restoring and/or protecting entire eco systems; frequently in direct violation of the prime directive.  For earth’s sake, here’s the synopsis of Star Trek IV: The stupid citizens of earth in the 20th century killed all the whales, so aliens have come to exact vengeance unless they hear a genuine whale song soon.  The message loud and clear: Save The Whales!

Ecology and Star Wars – How many celestial bodies have to be destroyed to create our entertainment? Not to mention the ravaging of the resources from countless planets to mine the metal needed to make a space station so large it was sure to collapse neighboring solar systems with its gravitational pull.


So from almost every realm of civilization, Star Trek has been better for the world we live in. The only sector of culture where the jury is still out is in the realm of religion. Why do we still have fans of this franchise that idolizes and condones war in it’s very title?  Why do we not have more fans for the genre that promotes peace, respect for nature, and advancements in science? 

I admit that there are more fans of Star Wars in the world, but this is yet another indicator of the decline of the modern world.


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