Nerd News Round Up

Doctor Who

There’s a new doctor on the way!  I wonder where he did pre-med and how much debt he’s accrued.  But seriously, the announcement will be made on BBC America Sunday night (8/4).

Pikmin 3

OK, here’s another way I deviate from our normally scheduled brand of geeky nerdiness, I’m a huge Nintendo fanboy.  I haven’t owned a different brand of entertainment system since my CollecoVision gave up the ghost in the eighties. I must confess, though, that I am very unhappy with how Nintendo has handled the release of the Wii U.  The system is awesome, but not releasing more games for it in rapid succession has just about killed the system. With that being true I am very excited about tomorrow’s release of Pikmin 3.  This game should have been a launch game and is sure to be a system seller.  Maybe we’ll get some renewed traction for the system with other major releases coming later this year.

Back to Pikmin 3, this is one of the Miyamoto’s masterpieces. At its surface it sounds totally lame so I won’t even bother explaining it.  Just trust me, this is one awesome game that is part puzzler, part real-time strategy game, and part brawler.  Can’t wait!  Although I’ll have to. As I said in my last post, all our stuff is in storage in Colorado Springs, including our Wii U, and we’re in California until August 8.  However, I am geek enough to have at least considered buying the game and renting the system tomorrow (8/4), but I think finances will make that difficult to justify.

Bourne 5

There’s movement on a new addition to the Bourne franchise, but no word of Matt Damon’s Jason.  Still, good news.  Yes, I believe there are exceptions to the “Unnecessary sequels are unnecessary” mantra.


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