Nerd News Roundup

Lots and lots of stuff to catch up on.

Doctor Who

The Doctor is dead. Long live the Doctor.

According to Dr. Who fans on the Internet, this is simultaneously the worst and best choice ever made.

Batman vs. Superman

There is a ton of rumors out there surrounding who the new Dark Knight will be in the Man of Steel sequel.

None of it particularly excites me right now, because Zach Snyder is reportedly meeting with Frank Miller to discuss the story of the movie, and seriously, if this movie turns into a two hour grim and gritty comic book fest I think I’d much rather just pop in my Superman II and Batman DVDs and call it a day.

This is going to be a movie with two guys in tights who beat up criminals. Can we possibly have a little fun in it?

Ender’s Game

Here’s a trailer for the trailer of Ender’s Game

I… man… seriously… a trailer for a trailer… Take it away, Jean Luc.


Thor: The Dark World

The Norse god of thunder and son of Odin, however, refuses to be outdone by you, Ender’s Game. Nay. Behold, mortals… a picture advertising a trailer for the sequel.



Star Wars

ABC and Lucasfilm both having been assimilated by the Disney Collective (motto: Resistance is futile.) are now in talks to bring some Star Wars to your TV.

So, one more point in favor of Star Wars there, Trekkers. Our evil corporate overlords trust that we’re devoted enough to our fandom that we’ll watch a TV show and still go out and pay $15 to see a movie set in the same universe.

Some of you may point out that the last live action Star Wars TV outings were the eldritch horrors known as the Ewok adventure movies, to which I would counter: Enterprise.

Though, seriously, Paramount… make a damn Star Trek show.

Star Trek

Speaking of which, in the event that JJ Abrams has gone to the Dark Side for good and can no longer churn out sequels to his alternate timeline franchise, Paramount reportedly wants to go with Jon M. Chu recently of G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

Speculate now on which character The Rock should play in the Star Trek mythos. I’m going with Sybok.

The Crow

This remake inexplicably continues to be made. And Crow creator James O’Barr lets us all know that this particular film adaptation will be much closer to his original comics than the one with ill-fated star Brandon Lee.

“It was his idea to go right back to the source material and essentially shoot it shot-for-shot, as in the book, but with a little more backstory for some of the characters.”

Would it be irony, justice, or just really hilarious if Brandon Lee came back in full Crow make-up and stormed into the studio meetings where unnecessary remakes were green-lit and forced the executives to watch the remakes of Miracle of 34th Street, Mr. Deeds, and Halloween?


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