Nerd News Roundup

The Pirate Fairy

For those of you with kids who will be forced to watch this at one point or another, or who are just Disney-philes in general, or just love Tom HIddleston, the actor will be voicing a young James Hook in a prequel movie called The Pirate Fairy, featuring Tinkerbell and the Disney fairies.


For fans of the found footage superhero origin story exploring what would happen if you gave superpowers to a bunch of teenage boys (Spoiler alert: nothing good.) The screenwriter for that film went to Twitter to brain dump his ideas for a  sequel that will never be made because the studios went with other writers.

Full confession, I haven’t watched Chronicle, mostly because I’m kind of tired of dark and gritty superhero movies filled with angst.


Per the National Enquirer (so you know you should take it with a mountain of salt), Hugh Jackman has reportedly been offered several dump trucks full of $100 bills to reprise his role as Wolverine at least four more times.

So the X-men movies are pretty much going to be where the X-men comics were in the 90’s when you couldn’t turn around in a comic book store without bumping into Wolverine.

So buck up Deadpool fans. If this pattern continues to hold, in another 20 years, you’ll have Deadpool invading all of the movies everywhere.

Star Wars

Well, here’s a rumor that if true, might make me say, “Screw you guys, I’m heading off to the Dark Side to become a Trekkie now.”

Jedi News reports that Ian McDiarmid is going to be in Episode VII. Given that he played Emperor Palpatine (you know, the guy who got thrown into a reactor pit of his space station where he exploded, before Lando and Wedge blew up the space station itself) it’s likely that if true, it would mark the return of Palpatine to the new trilogy, though in what capacity is unknown.

The Expanded Universe had clones of Palpatine running around that the original would transfer his consciousness into, so maybe they’re thinking that route, or maybe and perhaps not so rage inducing, Palpatine will be back as a spirit mentor to some new Sith in the same fashion that Obi Wan was a mentor to Luke Skywalker. Force spirits of both Jedis and Sith show up with some regularity in Expanded Universe as well and it would be interesting to see a ‘villain’s journey’ that was a dark mirror to Luke’s journey.

Anyway, none of it is probably true anyway, so I’m going to leave it there and end on this note that ties everything together:



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