I’m sensing a pattern here…

that the GOP sees any Democratic president as illegitimate.

Sen. Tom Coburn became the latest Republican lawmaker to link President Barack Obama to potential grounds for impeachment during a town hall Wednesday.

Without using specifics, Coburn cited “intended violation of the law” by Obama’s administration, as well as general incompetence of some of his appointees.

He didn’t cite specifics, because he can’t cite them without every competent lawyer in the country laughing at him. But do continue…

He also acknowledged that as a senator, he wouldn’t play a role in proceedings until the House voted to impeach Obama – but still said he was keeping track of potentially impeachable offenses.

“And if it continues I think we’re going to have another constitutional crisis in this country in terms of the presidency.”

If you can’t beat them, impeach them. So yeah, if the GOP wins the Senate in 2014, expect a repeat of Clinton’s last two years only more ridiculous as they’ll lack both the sex scandal and the perjury charge.


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