Nerd News Roundup

Batman vs. Superman

Alright… I suppose I should get this out of the way. Your new Batman is Ben Affleck.

Yeah. So there’s that…

Probably the best reaction I’ve read came from the comments on this thread, where nearly everyone is briefly possessed by the spirit of Southie Batman. Language warning, but still pretty funny to think of Batman talking with a thick Boston accent.


Star Wars

They have their director of photography:

At an ASC event in LA today regular JJ Abrams director of photography Dan Mindel confirmed he will be lensing Star Wars Episode VII and that he’ll be shooting on 35mm

You film nerds out there will have to tell me the pros and cons of shooting on 35mm vs. digital, because I have no idea.

Agents of SHIELD (Because I refuse to type six periods in a row.)

Here’s a new promo:


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